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3 barriers to retail sales that your employees should steer clear of

Retail is a broad church that encompasses many disciplines. In order to compete with the low prices and convenience that online retailers present our customers with we must focus our efforts on the customer experience.

We must create a store that’s worth going outdoors for. Of course, doing this encompasses a number of design disciplines and a smattering of psychology too. Unfortunately, however, this all amounts to little if we don’t have frontline employees who can’t sell. The art of retail sales is subtle and essential. Push too hard and you’ll scare customers away. Adopt an approach that’s too laid back, however, and they will cross the road to buy the same products from your competitors.

We’ve already written a little about how to boost your retail sales, but in many cases, the art of closing deals lies in removing barriers that can impede your employees’ relationship with your customers. Here we’ll look at some of those barriers and how to overcome them

Lack of meaningful connection

That personal connection that results in outstanding customer satisfaction is all-important in sales, and every customer is looking for something different in building it. Some might be wowed with a smile, while others might be more swayed by a more austere and professional veneer. Even eye contact can go a long way in establishing a personal connection and even an employees eyewear can be an impediment to a meaningful connection. Head on over to https://www.internationaleyewear.co.uk/ and you’ll see the difference glasses frames can make to how we perceive a face. Train your employees in walking the fine line between being warm and approachable while also being professional and capable.

Poor product knowledge

In the digital age, customers are better informed than ever. In fact, there’s a good chance that they will know a great deal about the products you offer before they even set foot on your premises. They’ll want to dive deeper and ask your employees more in-depth questions that can’t necessarily be answered by your website.

Thus, your employees need to be able to provide customers with the answers they need. While each employee should have ownership of their responsibility to brush up on their product knowledge, it’s up to you to incentivize outstanding product knowledge so that you’re never embarrassed by a situation whereby your customers know more about your products than your employees. If you don’t make time for product knowledge training, it could result in a black eye on your reputation.

A quiet shop floor

A great deal is made of social proof in the digital realm; signifiers that build trust in your brand in ways that are meaningful to your customers. Glowing reviews from other customers, for example, are a great way to build trust in your brand.

In the world of brick and mortar retail, there’s no greater social proof than a busy shop floor. If you notice that your shop floor is empty more often than not, it’s possible that the abundance of empty space has scared other prospective customers away.

As such, it’s up to you to find ways to get people through your doors even if this does not immediately result in more sales.

Eliminate these 3 barriers to retail sales and you will boost your chances of a successful and profitable 2019.