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3 ways to boost your sales force’s morale

When was the last time you heard actual laughter around the office and workers actually enjoying themselves? If the answer is never, then you may have a problem on your hands.

Employee morale is a huge concern for companies big and small these days and lower morale can have a direct effect on your sales and efficiency. So, how exactly do you build a more engaged salesforce?

Reduce multi-tasking

Multi-tasking seems to be the norm right now, with all the different tech tools we have at our disposition. But we still aren’t wired to do so many things at once and instead of doing one thing right, we end up doing multiple things poorly.

Allow your sales reps to focus on one thing at once, whether it’s working on follow up calls, or working on preparation and execution. Also, try to ban mobiles during meetings and don’t interrupt your reps with incessant emails, coaching or other types of distractions all day long. Instead, try to have weekly one on ones with each one of your reps and focus on one specific aspect that could be improved instead.

Give team-based and individual awards

Employee recognition has a great effect on employee morale and you have to find a way to allow your employees to feel appreciated for their efforts. However, especially when it comes to sales, you don’t want to single out individuals too much, so you don’t elicit resentment, jealousy, or suspicions of favouritism.

Try to give as many team-oriented awards as possible. For instance, you could have the day team competing with the evening team or the week team competing with the weekend team. Or you could even organise a small in-house awards party and give out corporate awards for teams and certain outstanding members of your staff. You can have glass awards, crystal awards, and trophies personalised by a company like Glass Awards online for a fraction of the price; they’re a great way for employees to feel recognised and part of something bigger.

Be flexible with breaks

Overworking your salesforce is a sure-fire way to disengage them. Sales are different to other sectors and having to go through hours and hours of sales calls can be exhausting for anyone.

Encourage your reps to take breaks whenever they feel the need to. Allow them to take a walk or get a coffee. You could also set up a small recreation room where your employees can unwind and be at ease. As long as it’s not excessive, allowing more flexibility to your reps will ultimately make them more motivated and efficient in the long run. And they’ll also appreciate how flexible their working environment is as well.


Boosting the morale of your salesforce is all about making your employees feel like they’re an important part of your team and working with them to improve their performance in a productive way. It’s also about providing them with an environment that is conducive to work and encourages positive teamwork.