4 effective digital marketing strategies that will boost your business

The eCommerce landscape is competitive and standing out in the crowd can be challenging especially for new businesses. Setting up your online company can be quite straightforward; however, getting it seen by the right people is a more complex task.

To assist this process, creating a digital marketing strategy is a must. By using effective methods, you will have the tools to attract more customers and improve sales in the long term.

If you’re considering the next steps in digital marketing for your eCommerce business, check out these top tips that will boost your brand.

Make the checkout super simple

One of the most noted reasons why people leave a website is because the user experience is confusing. Consumers want to be able to find everything they need quickly and check out with ease. If you have a complicated checkout system, your sales will likely be affected. Checkout pages are often overlooked especially if you have built your website with a dedicated shopping platform. But optimising this page and creating a simple user experience will help convert those sales more frequently.

Optimise your online presence

Setting up a website is often the more straightforward aspect of starting a business, but there’s much more to it than making it look pretty. If your website is not fully optimised for search engines, you might as well be shouting into the abyss. With the amount of competition you are facing, you need a concise SEO plan to ensure you are found for keywords relating to your products and services. SEO can be challenging, and it’s not something that’s a quick job either. So hiring professionals such as Herdl.com will ensure you have all bases covered for local and national coverage.

Utilise email marketing

Email marketing is said to be more effective than other digital marketing funnels. The reason for this is that you are targeting people who signed up to find out more about your brand. They have already been brought into your company and are often interested to hear about the latest offers and launches before anyone else. Email marketing is simple to set up and automated too. Using software such as MailChimp or Constant Contact, you can set up a range of automatic emails to suit targeted audiences. You can send order confirmations, welcome emails and even reminders that your customer left something in their basket, all at the click of a button.

Social media advertising

Social media is another vital marketing funnel, and it’s essential to build a presence on relevant platforms to gain the best exposure. A great option to utilise your audience data is social media advertising. Many popular platforms offer inexpensive ways to target specific demographics, and you can allocate budgets to monitor the effectiveness of a campaign. This option may not generate immediate sales, but it will elevate your reach to people that are most interested in your products and services.

Digital marketing is a long-term strategy that every eCommerce business should adopt. By implementing these plans, you will help your business go from strength to strength.