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Aligning Your Team With The Business’s Goals

Your team might know their roles and what, exactly, they have to do as far as their job entails. However, if you’re looking to truly unlock their productivity, then they also need to know why they’re doing what they’re doing. If you feel like your team simply isn’t invested in the business’s goals, then you need to step up and align their interests with the interests of the business as a whole. Here are a few ways to do that.

Learn to be a more inspiring leader

Some level of personal charisma and the ability to effectively and emphatically communicate is necessary for you to get people to care what you care about. As such, you might want to take some public speaking lessons to help improve your communication style. Aside from that, you have to speak from the level of your team, making sure that they see the benefits of reaching the goals you’re talking about and not just from the perspective of the company, which can be a nebulous concept for people who aren’t financially invested in it.

Set out the specifics of their goals

Perhaps the problem is that you’re not doing a good job at explaining exactly what the goals of the business are, nor how your team are going to contribute to them. If that’s the case, then you can make them more of a part of their daily life by outlining organisational goals and the key performance indicators, such as objectives and key results, that they can help meet. By better measuring and tracking these goals, then your team can have a more tangible understanding of their role in the larger aims of the business, which can motivate them to work harder at them.

Reward the right kind of worker

Aside from just telling them what to do, you should make sure that people who are in sync with the business’s goals and who demonstrate a focus and care towards helping to reach those goals are rewarded. There are plenty of reward systems you can use, from monetary rewards to extra benefits and even to special kinds of recognition. Which kinds of rewards work best will depend on the work environment fostered, but there’s never a wrong way to give someone some extra money.

Make sure you invest in them, as well

Of course, setting expectations and simply giving rewards to only those that meet them is not going to be the most convincing way to get all of your team in sync. In order for them to feel invested in the business, they need to feel that the business invests in them. This can include seeing to their basic needs better, such as making sure they’re comfortable in the workplace, or it can mean helping them and their future careers through training and internal promotion opportunities.

If you don’t have a team that’s in sync with your vision and goals, then you’re a lot less likely to meet them. Take it seriously and get them invested.