How to attract more paying customers to your e-commerce store

Are you struggling to attract customers to your online store? Many business owners around the world struggle with this issue, so you’re not on your own. Perhaps you get a lot of visits to your e-commerce store, but most people don’t stick around long enough to purchase something.

If this is the case, then you will need to make some vital changes in order to see an improvement. We’ve listed some of the best ways to attract more high quality traffic to your e-commerce store and encourage your visitors to buy.

Change your e-commerce platform

If you are currently using a low-quality e-commerce platform, then you can expect to see low quality results. Choosing the cheapest e-commerce solution available is a mistake made by many new online entrepreneurs, only to find out later down the line that this is costing them more in lost custom. Switching to a reputable e-commerce platform like Shopify may take time and could cause some disruption, however by working with a Shopify Agency, this can certainly pay off in the long run.

Get on social media

Today, the majority of online customers are attracted via social media. Whether this is through ads, sponsored posts on their Facebook timeline or Instagram feed, or brands trending on Twitter, social media sites are the most powerful tool in your box when it comes to reaching out to potential customers and spreading the word. Many business owners put social media on the back burner after setting up an account, however, this is no more useful than not being on social media. In order to see success, you’ll need to post every day!

Build a blog

Blogging about topics related to your business, for example fashion tips for a clothing store, can be an excellent method of attracting more customers to your site. For example, you could use the products that you sell in your blog posts, explaining to customers how to use them or how to get the most from them, and link back to your product page so that any interested readers can quickly buy it for themselves. High-quality, interesting, relatable and informational blog posts will also create more evergreen content for your site, which can improve SEO.

Revamp your web design

When it comes to successfully selling online, the main priority should be your customers’ experience. Part of this is your web design – a poorly designed site, bad product photos, or a lack of product description can all put customers off very quickly. Make sure that your site is eye-catching and easy to navigate, along with including clear, high-quality product photos and detailed descriptive information. Product videos can also be a very powerful tool to encourage customers to make a purchase. Lastly, your web design should also support quick loading time, as most online customers aren’t prepared to wait.

There are many possible reasons why your e-commerce site is not attracting customers or barely making any sales. By making some simple changes and improvements, your company’s bottom line should begin to improve.