Chargebacks911 Achieves Milestone of 1000 Integrated Data Connections

Increase of plug-and-play connections to CRMs, platforms and systems that quickly integrate, automates the fight against chargebacks and responding to alerts

Chargebacks911, the leading dispute technology specialist that powers chargeback remediation for the largest global eCommerce businesses, as well as the world’s financial institutions, has achieved the milestone of 1,000 integrated data connections and ingestible file types through its innovative, and highly automated plug-in-and-play platform.

For over a decade, Chargebacks911 has been focused on tackling the chargeback problem with innovative technology specifically developed to help merchants identify and resolve instances of post transaction fraud, such as first party fraud. Also known as ‘Friendly Fraud’, it refers to an illegitimate chargeback filed on a legitimate transaction, costing the eCommerce industry vast sums of money each year, and reducing a merchant’s profits by as much as 25%. Chargebacks911 was the first technology platform provider dedicated to chargeback management solutions, and its connections to merchant Two thirds of retail and e-commerce companies now scraping external data span far and wide.

Additionally, in its last Chargeback Field Report, Chargebacks911 emphasized how businesses across many sectors have dealt with an uptick in fraudulent chargeback claims over the last couple of years, and how they can best protect themselves with dedicated solutions that can cut costs and safeguard revenues.


Chargebacks911 already serves over 30 industry verticals spanning across 87 countries, with locations in the US, Europe and Asia. Now it supports over 1,000 merchant data sources that reach across multiple channels, with segments existing in CRMs, Order Management Systems, Shipping and Fulfillment applications, customer service solutions, gateways, fraud filters, financial institutions and payment facilitators, and more.

Alongside integrations with card brands and alternative payment methods, Chargebacks911’s automated platform provides a scalable method for merchants to exchange the missing information that banks require to identify invalid chargeback claims and thwart the growth of this negative trend.

Monica Eaton-Cardone, Founder of Chargebacks911, says: “One of the main reasons why first party fraud is growing is because there are not enough insights and intelligence provided to decision makers during the chargeback process – this feedback is crucial. Banks are forced to make decisions without enough information, and merchants don’t have the time, connections, or expertise in-house to defend themselves when this type of fraud occurs.”

Sandeep Menon, Chief Technology Officer at Chargebacks911, adds: “It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you set a goal and remain focused. With the growth in eCommerce and omni-channels, keeping pace with the evolution of merchant data sources requires a dynamic approach and out-of-the-box thinking. Today’s merchant faces new challenges, requires consolidation options, and demands an agile framework that alleviates technical resources and constraints. To achieve this requires immense domain expertise and unparalleled innovation – I’m very proud of our team and it’s great to highlight this back-end achievement, which isn’t often acknowledged.”

This success underscores Chargebacks911’s worldwide market advantage as the leading dispute technology platform*, and comes hot on the heels of the recent 3x boost to its automated dispute response platform. Chargebacks911 has revolutionized the data collection process, transforming the concept of end-to-end automation by digitizing even the most complex and unstructured formats to maximize data insights and leverage rule-based data driven automation.

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