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How all staff should be protected in the midst of COVID-19

COVID-19 is a mixed bag around the world. In some countries, it seems to be abating, in others, it’s raging more intensely than ever.

We will all look back on this year with astonishment, but it’s also true to suggest that we need to keep planning for the future. So, perhaps priority one is to keep our businesses alive. But that must never come at the expense of putting our staff in wilful danger without being protected, especially as the infection rate seems to be growing in some countries and a second intense wave seems likely.

So – how can we manage our approach, and more importantly, protect the people working for us? There are a few steps that each employer can take, not only to conform to the bare minimum, but rather to take a proactive and worthwhile approach to the problem. This can help us grow and work with the strongest wisdom we can utilize, which, in effect, should grant us the means to develop and better ourselves.

No matter what kind of business you run, this should be a top priority. Let’s consider how, and why:

Routine access to face masks

It’s important to give your staff routine access to face masks. It shouldn’t be their responsibility to bring them to work, you must provide them with fresh, new and reliable masks each day. Masks for staff can also be adorned with branding or aesthetic designs, which adds another worthwhile element to help them stay cohesive with your visual output. We needn’t have to give you the scientific reasons for why they are effective, you already know that. But it’s great to hold this standard.

Enhanced hygiene responsibilities – For everyone

Enhanced hygiene responsibilities and reminders can work for everyone, and must be adopted by everyone. Washing hands regularly, for example, and cleaning up after use. You may enforce separated seating in the lunchroom area you hold, as well as ensuring the queue for the toilets is easily marked and socially distanced. You may ask staff to keep tighter control of their desks, such as binning tissues more easily and using anti-bacterial spray on their surfaces at least twice a day. This can help curtail the spread of the virus and mitigate undue risks.

Shields & compartments

There are many screen shield and compartment options you can install at your leisure, made available today. From cubicle boothing options that separate office employees, to shields that prevent your retail workers from interfacing with customers face to face all day long, these valuable tools can help your staff stay safe all day long. After all, if we’re going to socially distance, why not make this approach cleaner and safer with the use of screens that can be easily wiped? This certainly lessens the likelihood of transmission, and always helps staff remember the necessity of care during this time.

With this advice, we hope your retail staff can be protected in the midst of COVID-19.