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How are retailers coping with COVID-19?

COVID-19 has changed the way we operate our businesses forever. While many of us believe that we’re adopting temporary measures to help make customers feel safer in our stores, the reality is that COVID-19 will be around for some time.

Even after there’s a vaccine, people aren’t just going to stop wearing masks or washing their hands as a way of coping with COVID-19. It’s going to have some pretty substantial knock-on effects that will greatly alter the way our retail stores operate.

So in this post, we’ll be covering some of the changes that retailers have had to make and how they’re coping with COVID-19. Hopefully, this article will show you a couple of useful tips on how to make your store more presentable and give peace of mind to all of your customers.

Controlling the flow of foot traffic

There are a couple of considerations to keep in mind when it comes to foot traffic. If you’re only just reopening your store now then you may expect an influx of foot traffic. You don’t want to overload your store with people, so make sure you have a member of staff at the door controlling how many people come in.

You’ll also want to direct foot traffic within your store, such as having one-way areas or using one side as an entrance and another as an exit.

Having barriers so people don’t stand too close

Barriers are necessary for areas where people might stand too close together. For example, barriers should be used at checkout areas or between machines where people regularly stand. This promotes confidence and peace of mind in the event someone sneezes or coughs.

Cleaning your store more often

More stores are starting to look for a dedicated antibacterial surface wipes supplier that can provide them with the things they need to keep their store clean. Before, it was normal to clean your store at the end of every day. During the pandemic, it’s important to clean it more often especially if you have machines or devices that customers use. Ideally, you should be wiping down surfaces after a customer has used or touched it to prevent the potential spread of the virus.

Offering face masks and hand sanitiser

It’s also becoming more common for businesses to offer their clients face masks and hand sanitiser. For service businesses where clients need to be close to staff, face masks may be given out to protect both customers and clients. In restaurants, cafes and other areas where a face mask doesn’t need to be worn, you should have hand sanitiser stations at the entrance and exit of your store.

Confronting customers that do not follow rules

Lastly, you also need to get used to confronting customers that don’t obey the rules regarding masks. As a business owner, you can refuse entry for people who aren’t wearing masks or refuse to follow your rules. Getting confrontational can be challenging, but it’s important if you want to uphold your rules and inspire confidence.