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How sound is improving the gaming experience

If you’re into gaming then you’ve certainly noticed the sound effects and movies. These make the game a lot better, not just because now it sounds great and on a gaming PC or with a gaming headset it reaches new levels of sound perfection, but because they can further immerse you in the game.

Even if you play more slots than any other kind of game, you will notice that the new video slots come with outstanding gaming music that changes the entire thing. If you find a music-themed slot you’ll be impressed by the quality and clarity of the sound and feel like you are inside that world.

If you’ve got your gaming mouse at the ready and want to start playing a first person shooter or a horror-themed game on your computer, you will soon realize that the sounds will also let you know what is about to happen or that you should expect something epic soon. Maybe the sound will change when you’re approaching a boss, maybe you hear a slight change when something is about to attack or maybe you can even hear a conversation that will change the story of the entire game.

If we’re talking about augmented reality or VR, then a sound test should be in order because this is where sound is even more important. Together with the visuals, the sound helps create this alternate universe that could just as amazing as the real one if not more so.

Sound is even more important in some games such as Guitar Hero or other ones that use it as cues for actions that make up the entire game.

All in all, gaming without sound isn’t even half the fun and if you’ve ever played anything in silence so as to not wake someone up you will see that we are right. Even games that only have some background noise are better with volume because even the background adds something to the overall experience.

We are so used to different auditive cues in real life, that we cannot even fathom not having it around no matter what we do. So, basically, a movie, a game, or anything else without music and effects is just not as good as it could be.

Next time you play something try doing it with and without sound and think about the difference it makes.