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How To Find The Best Holiday Deals Online

There is no escaping the fact that Britons are a nation of holiday lovers. In fact, in 2022 there were a whopping 71.8million trips taken abroad as holidaymakers flooded back to the airports and beaches as coronavirus rules became more relaxed. But shopping around online for the best deals can be a tricky process. Of course, booking in advance can often lead to a cheaper holiday but do not ignore any last-minute deals that might come your way. Here are some handy tips for finding the best holiday deals online.

Shop around

It might sound obvious to say it, but an important step when hunting for the best online deals is to really shop around and see what is on offer.

Often, the volume of information can be overwhelming and there can be the easy temptation to just take one of the first offers available.

But be patient with it and persevere. For instances, it is true that package holidays can sometimes provide the most financially viable option, but other times you might find it cheaper to book your hotel and flights separately.

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Loyalty schemes

Loyalty schemes serve the purpose of rewarding you for your, you guessed it, loyalty, so it is definitely in your best interests to sign up to them.

You should look to do this as soon as you make a first booking with a company in order to give you more time to gain precious loyalty points.

These schemes are particularly useful when visiting places that require a little more time, such as taking Vietnam tours or journeys through Australia or Japan. Doing tours of these larger countries may provide a better option to see everything you want to explore, so make the most of any schemes available.

Speak directly to the hotel

There is a growing misconception when it comes to booking online holidays that going directly through the hotel is more expensive than if you use a discount hotel website.

Sometimes it may be that you find the best deal on one of those pages, but if you do find a lower rate online sometimes it pays to call a hotel directly.

They may offer you a matched rate or throw in a better deal. Taking a little extra time to put in a little more leg work may reward you financially and offer you a better deal.

Set up price alerts

It can be quite an extensive task constantly searching for the best deals on hotels, flights, connections, excursions…the list goes on. But you can take some of the stress away by setting up price alerts to get the best deals for your holiday. Setting up price alerts means you will be notified immediately if there is a good price at a hotel you want to stay at, or if a suitable flight you want to board is offering discount prices. It really does pay to stay informed.

Don’t focus on a specific airport

Okay, so what we’re not recommending is that you search for airports in different countries or anything like that. But often people search for a specific airport when it can actually be more beneficial to select an area to fly to. The website will then collate all the available flights for you and can make an informed decision on price and travel time to best suit your needs.