Nudea’s Lingerie Trend Predictions For 2023

Sustainable underwear brand Nudea has revealed its predictions for lingerie trends in the coming 12 months with comfort & texture, return of underwires and sustainability leading the way.

Priya Downes, Nudea’s CEO and Founder, comments: “Comfort has been a key trend since the start of lockdown in 2020, and is especially important in the underwear category. Given that we’re all starting to dress up more now than over the past two years, we’re predicting a return to underwired bras with, of course, an emphasis on comfort. And as part of this, after years of development, we’re planning to launch our first strapless bra next year.”

Return Of Wire But Not Without Comfort

With the wave of lockdowns firmly behind us, we predict the comeback of wired options but as we’ve come to expect post lockdown, this is style with no compromise on comfort. There are many who’ve vowed to shift to non-wired permanently and Nudea offers these styles across all sizes with its Easy Does It Bralette F+. Also, loungewear-inspired underwear such as the Tencel seamless bralette and brief set is proving to be hugely popular for everyday comfort.

Nudea’s recently-launched sleepwear collection, Nudea Sleep was created in response to customers asking for comfortable sleepwear pretty much since launch. Created in all natural fabrics including 100% organic cotton, it’s all supremely soft for the sweetest of slumbers.


Colour & Texture

As in 2021 and 2022, dopamine dressing is here to stay, especially after the Barbiecore trend we saw emerging last summer. For Nudea, pink-hued collections have been amongst the brand’s best-sellers in 2022, with more pink due to land early in 2023. Elements of texture will be coming out across collections including Nudea’s exclusive Monogram Mesh, a sheer fabric featuring the brand’s logo, geometric Sheer Deco sheer jacquard fabric, as well as Tencel seamless which feels like cashmere but is derived from birch tree pulp.


Unlike other categories, underwear cannot be donated, rented or re-sold and with the average British woman owning 16 bras yet only regularly wearing four, it’s little wonder that a whopping 19 million bras end up going into UK landfill every year. B-Corp certified Nudea’s customer service team has noticed a rise in the number of customers who are really interested in where their underwear came from and what it’s made out of. The brand’s sustainable-first ethos, with thoughtfully-made products responsibly manufactured out of premium fabrics crafted from recycled yarns has seen the launch of a bra recycling programme ‘Bra-Cycle’ as well as a sustainable delivery option in major cities in 2022.