Supercharging productivity: Tips for business owners

Increasing productivity can boost efficiency, drive sales and maximise profits.

If you run a business, and you’re keen to hit targets or grow and expand, here are some tips to supercharge productivity.


Outsourcing has become increasingly popular, and it can offer benefits for businesses of all sizes across several sectors. Outsourcing offers an alternative to hiring members of staff and taking on full-time employees. Rather than recruiting, you look for external agencies or individuals to work with. In most cases, you’ll pay a one-off fee or a monthly charge in return for services. When choosing what to outsource, focus on tasks that are not linked to the daily running of the business and fill skills gaps in your team. Outsourcing enables you to access skills you don’t have in-house and free up time for your core team so that they concentrate on priority jobs. If you run a healthcare business, for example, you may wish to consider outsourcing cleaning, accounting and IT support. For a store or restaurant, it may be beneficial to think about outsourcing digital marketing to attract customers and increase sales. Always take the time to research agencies, meet representatives and compare packages and prices before you decide who to work with.

Software and technology

Technology has revolutionised the way we live and work and it plays a vital role in enabling businesses to boost productivity year on year. There are all kinds of technological solutions and innovations companies can benefit from today, including automation and artificial intelligence, software programmes such as fleet management software for businesses with a fleet of vehicles and machinery that manufactures products quickly, accurately and inexpensively. Every business is different and one company may have very different requirements in terms of equipment and software from another. Analyse your options, seek expert advice if you’re unsure which investments will work best for you, monitor your competitors and look for solutions to common issues or obstacles.


Team morale

Most of us are familiar with the saying, ‘A happy team is a productive team.’ It sounds simplistic, but it stands to reason that people who enjoy their job and get satisfaction from their work put in more effort. If you watch the clock, you find your job dull or boring, or you feel like there is no chance to progress or get ahead, your productivity may be low. As an employer, it is beneficial to take good care of your team, to encourage hard work and commitment and to reward effort and dedication. Offer your employees the chance to develop their skills through training, establish clear goals, communicate openly and try to prioritise wellbeing. Inject some fun into the working week from time to time, encourage collaboration and get to know your team outside of work. Simple things like having lunch together or going for a drink after work on a Friday can help to build stronger relationships. It’s also important to encourage your employees to speak up if they have any concerns or issues. 

Boosting productivity is beneficial for the balance sheets but it can also help you enhance your reputation and achieve other key objectives. Invest in technology, consider outsourcing and look after your employees.