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The benefits for retailers of using personalised envelopes

Retailers, like all businesses, have much to gain from adopting personalised envelopes as a part of their marketing repertoire.

In the digital world, many businesses forget the impact of so-called “offline marketing” tactics. Or they are only focused on in store offline marketing. But, retailers looking to make an impact and separate themselves from the competition for comparatively little investment would do well to embrace the older ways.

Personalised envelopes are an offline marketing tool that has many benefits. When you go through a specialist, as you’ll find at https://www.bestbuyenvelopes.uk, you’ll get a high-quality, custom printed envelope at a superbly low price. With those custom printed envelopes, you have access to a wide variety of benefits. Here are just a few.

Mailshots to loyal customers

Sending a mailshot to established customers is a great way for you to show them that you notice and appreciate their business. What you choose to include in the mailshot is entirely up to you. It could be as simple as a thank you note, for example, saying how much you appreciate their custom and what a core part of your business they are. You could also take the opportunity to inform them of upcoming special offers, maybe even specific discounts for them to say thank you for the loyalty. Another option might be to send money off vouchers as a reward to loyal customers.

Reaching out to new customers

A customised envelope is ideal to use when reaching out to new customers in the neighbourhood of your store. When you have recipients who may not know anything about your business, your customised envelope is your way to make a positive first impression. With the right design, you can tell them all about yourself before they even open the envelope. Be creative with your designs. There are very few limits guiding what you can and can’t do when it comes to getting your own custom colour schemes and branding printed, so make the most of the opportunity. Be eye-catching, be creative, be bold – the results are noticeable. Think also that you will not only be appealing to your recipients, but you’ll also be visible to other people in their house. Family, friends, and neighbours may all see your custom envelope lying somewhere, so make it intriguing and appealing.

Organisation and administration

Using customised envelopes doesn’t have just mean using branding to appeal to customers; it can also help you more directly in the way you run your business. Take for example a busy office; you can use different colour envelopes to properly stream your correspondence to ensure that everything remains as orderly as possible. Custom printed envelopes are a great way of standing out amongst a sea of brown and white. They’re a surprisingly versatile component in any business, and the amazing thing is that you can get them for such little money. Usually, if you’re going to have something carry your branding and be custom-printed, the price can get out of hand. Not so with custom envelopes.