The Benefits of Using Nectar Loyalty Cards

Customers are always looking for a way to make savings while they shop. Whether these savings come from discounts or deals, it doesn’t matter as long as it leads to a less expensive purchase. Most supermarkets and retail stores offer all kinds of discounts in-store, encouraging purchases from their customers. Another way stores can offer discounts is through a point system. These point systems, or loyalty cards, are usually offered via cards, one of the most popular being Nectar Cards.

What Are Loyalty Cards?

Put simply, Loyalty cards are when you are given points for making a purchase. Typically, the more expensive the purchase, the more points you receive. Once you have gathered enough points, they can be exchanged for products. It’s like making a normal purchase, but instead of cash, you use points.

Collecting points may seem slow, and individual purchases won’t see you make many points, but over time, you should be able to culminate lots of points. Even if the savings her marginal, it’s worth taking whatever you can get.

Points can be used however you want. They can be saved up for something big or spent on something small. A huge benefit of these cards is that you get points no matter what, you only need to make a purchase. There are a few stores that have their own loyalty cards, that are only useable at the related store. They are a great way to encourage shoppers to make more purchases and feel like they are getting more out of it. The only downside to many of these loyalty cards is that they can only be used at their related store.

This is where Nectar Cards come in handy.

Loyalty Cards

What Are Nectar Cards?

Nectar loyalty cards are points cards that can be used across multiple stores. Points can be gathered and spent across a wide variety of stores including:

  • eBay
  • Sainsbury’s
  • Argos
  • British Airways
  • Eurostar

Nectar is partnered with over 300 big brands, giving you plenty of options on where to spend your hard-earned points.

The company that creates Nectar cards is owned by Sainsbury’s. This results in Sainsbury’s being one of the main partners for Nectar Cards. If you find yourself shopping there often, then it might be worth investing in a Nectar Card, as they can be used at most Sainsbury’s services.

The cards also offer weekly promotions across the brands they offer, buying into these promotions can also increase your points.

Are Nectar Cards Worth Getting?

Nectar Cards are absolutely worth getting. Gathering points comes at no expense to the shopping while providing a small amount of money back that can be used for later purchases. There is ultimately no reason to not use one. The cards can also be used online, giving you extra points if you prefer to shop online.

If you shop often at Sainsbury’s, then you will definitely see the benefits coming in quick.