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Wearable tech on 1 in 3 Christmas wish lists

One in three of us have asked for a piece of wearable technology for Christmas, as increasing numbers of Brits search for ways to improve multiple aspects of their lives.

Keen to find effective ways to lose weight, create more time in the day, sleep better and maintain fitness goals, 43% believe wearable tech may be the key to a longer life.

According to the report by Currys PC World together with behavioural insights practice Canvas8, wearables are no longer seen as novelty gadgets. A growing trend for Brits seeking to enhance their quality of life means a predicted 17 million 18-65 year olds are set to own a piece of wearable technology by 2017.

The increasing demand for wearable technology is reflected in sales data from Currys PC World, which shows the category has seen a staggering 710% increase in sales compared to this time last year.

Dave Ward, head of innovations and technology at Currys PC World, explains: “Wearable technology will revolutionise our lives as it embeds itself into more everyday items and becomes accessible to a wider range of people.”

Improving health and fitness is the number one benefit cited for taking up wearable technology at 39%, with consumers keen to understand more about their bodies and the impact their lifestyle is having on them. Tracking calories (39%), daily activity (36%) and measuring heart rate (35%) were listed as the top three things people want to monitor day-to-day.

For those looking to use their time effectively and wean themselves from their phones, smartwatches have provided a welcome solution. With some checking their phones up to 150 times a day, the ability to get directions (23%) and check emails (20%) on a wearable tech product instead are seen as key features on the smartwatch.

Brits see wearables as a way to ‘gamify’ their goals, compete with friends, and better themselves. With tracking personal progress or that of a friend through social media syncing helping motivate people, 50% of Brits believe wearables will even help people perform at their peak.

Outside of personal fitness, 23% of people are turning to wearable technology as gifts for their nearest and dearest. The Sony SmartWatch, Fitbit Flex and Samsung Gear Fit are top of the list, with affordability (76%), ease of use (66%), functionality (56%) and style (19%) important factors when selecting a product.

As how they look and their capabilities continue to advance, wearables are here to stay – 49% of 18–30 year olds believe everyone will be using these products in the future.


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