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What is involved in setting up a retail store?

Setting up a retail store is one of the most exciting careers that anyone can choose, although there’s a lot more to do than simply stocking a large range of products.

You also have to take into account where you’re going to set up, how much money you will need to get the idea off the ground, what legalities have to be performed and what staff you will require.

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Irish online till roll provider Paper2Paper (www.paper2paper.ie) created this infographic which looks at the disparity of tasks that are involved in getting a retail store open for business. A retailer doesn’t just need a good product idea to become a success. They have to be strategic in their decision-making, diligent in making the business work and self-confident enough to overcome the obstacles that will inevitably be placed in their path.

While starting your own business can obviously be stressful and risky, it also provides the potential for long-lasting happiness. Entrepreneurs live for the feeling of achievement that comes when something they’ve built from the ground up has become an established, successful venture. If you think you have the characteristics and skills to make it in the retail industry, then starting your own retail store may well be the perfect option for you!

What is Involved in Setting Up a Retail Store – Infographic

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