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What is the metaverse and how can it help my business?

The metaverse doesn’t just refer to one type of technology.

The term “metaverse” describes the ways in which we interact with the digital world: any new sphere created through the Internet could be metaversal.

So, how does retail fall into the mix? From Augmented Reality to Gucci’s pair of $17.99 digital sneakers, in this article we’ll explore how you could utilise rapidly blurring lines between virtual and physical worlds to boost your business.

Shopping in a virtual world

Thanks to the joys of the Internet, modern consumers browse in a virtual world, buy something without seeing it in person, and have it delivered to their door in a physical box. Major retailers are diving deeper into this space by offering additional online purchase options to their customers.

Gucci’s digital sneakers, for example, can only be “worn” via augmented and virtual reality. Collectors can share and show off their new shoes via collaborative online projects including ‘Sneakers in the Metaverse,’ modelling their sneakers on a personalised avatar.

With online shoppers facing more identity checks in the wake of new anti-fraud rules, it’s important to make sure your client base knows how stay safe online. It could be worth adding a few safety tips to your website’s FAQ section, for example.


What about Augmented Reality?

Imaging technology easily found on the Internet makes it possible to ‘try before you buy’ for a wide range of products. From changing the colour of your hair to remodelling your home interior, Augmented Reality is changing the future of online shopping.

For an attention-grabbing social media strategy, try integrating AR shopping directly onto social media platforms. This is a move already tried and tested by big brands including Nike on Snapchat’s Lens Carousel feature, allowing users to model sneakers and more through their phone camera.

The only drawback could be the costs involved in the process. Advanced, textured 3D models are difficult to achieve, so you’ll need to consult experts in cloud and edge computing systems to support your vision for an AR strategy.

What does this mean for retailers?

To feel the benefits of moving your business into the metaverse, you’ll need to start with an impressive website. Smooth and seamless UX is essential and optimising your site to be mobile-friendly could boost sales even more.

Amplifying your online presence also calls for refined, updated systems for your colleagues. Why not consider upgraded HR software to enable your employees to clock in while working from home?

Consumers are demanding a more immersive and impressive shopping experience from the comfort of their own homes. While following the trend is tempting, you also have a responsibility to make sure your platform is safe and accessible.