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Why should more women consider a plumbing career?

There is no doubt that the plumbing industry offers a highly rewarding career, allowing individuals to be their own boss and earn a good income. Yet currently, the UK is suffering a shortage of 30,000 qualified plumbers, so why aren’t more women encouraged to fill this gap?

Currently in the UK, less than 1% of professional plumbers are female. A study found that many women were not encouraged to learn trade-based skills at school, instead focusing on more stereotypically female careers such as admin work. In an era that has fought for gender equality in the workplace, why are we still encountering this job-based stereotyping?

To help diversify the profession, WaterSafe has launched a ‘Get Girls Plumbing’ campaign to encourage women to take up careers in plumbing. So why should women consider a career as a plumber?

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Positive learning environment

To become a fully qualified plumber, most undertake tailored training courses at college followed by work-place apprenticeships, allowing individuals to earn and learn in a real work environment.  This is a great opportunity for workers that are just starting out in the industry to develop their skills and improve their knowledge from established professionals in the trade.

As well as initial learning during the training process, plumbers are constantly adapting and enhancing their skills in line with the rapidly changing technology of commercial equipment in the plumbing and engineering sector.

Be your own boss

Many plumbers are self-employed. Being your own boss gives you huge amounts of flexibility to manage your own time and work hours which suit your family life. You have the power to set your own deadlines and the freedom to implement your own rules. Commitment and motivation are key if you are looking to ‘set up shop’ as most businesses require a huge investment of time, energy and money to get up and running.

Great salary opportunities

Plumbers on average earn up to £30,000 per year, but really the sky is the limit. If you are determined, work hard and manage your workload efficiently and effectively, there is a massive financial reward to be had. If you take the step to become a self-employed plumber, you can set your own pay rates for clients and take most of the profits yourself.

The plumbing industry can offer women a rewarding and satisfying career which allows them to take control, giving them flexibility to manage their own time and finances in a positive learning environment. Time to make a change and see equal representation of men and women across the industry.