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Why is WordPress so popular for blogging?

Blogging and WordPress

Blogging originated in the early 1990s but gained popularity at the beginning of the 21st century. You may ask, “What does blogging have to do with WordPress?” The appearance and popularity of WordPress as a basic web-creating tool is close-knit with blogging as it started gaining traction after the story of the blogger who lost her job after a number of posts, which she placed on her web blog page. So, what happened next? WordPress evolved.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the world’s leading open source content management system, with a market share of over 60% in the CMS market. It was originally developed as a platform for blogging and similar web solutions. But today, WordPress is much more complicated. From corporate websites to e-commerce stores and e-learning solutions, it can be a solid foundation for virtually any website. Special WordPress web? The development allows companies to combine the fast implementation of ready-made CMS and flexibility to create custom products. An experienced and professional Flexi WordPress web development company is there to carry this out.

What are the statistics of the user in 2021?

Simply put, what comes to mind is that it’s more than 30%. Let’s think about the future. WordPress was created as one of the modern instruments for creating a blog in 2003.

WordPress nature and structure allows everyone (who is authorised) to contribute and improve the project due to the simplicity of the program. Countless plugins and specialized WP hosting providers were enabled to emerge from the prompt advancement of WordPress. The majority of WP users are bloggers, but big world-known brands use this tool because of its great capabilities.

WordPress’ statistics for the current year are quite expressive:

  • In the United States, 62% of companies use WP.
  • With the unpaid version of, more than five hundred new sites are created every 24 hours.
  • More than 70 million posts are published every month on the pages of various blogs.

The achievements of WordPress are really due to its active and ardent audience, and not only the genius of one person. However bizarre it may sound, there actually is no one single CEO, the whole program is managed by volunteers. Interestingly, now the number of sites that use WP is over 460 million. This isn’t a mistake, it is the number in which we see 6 zeros.


We expect the number of users to reach one billion, and this encourages us to work even harder. Also, it is worth noting that the new version of WP was downloaded by 8 million users within 4 weeks. We explained the reasons why WP is helpful and popular among our audience. Afore announcing what part of all websites around the world works with our magic tool WP, you should pay attention to who will win the contest of a popular tool for creating a website.


The CMS or a content management system. It’s a platform that helps to create a site just so that it is accessible to all. In this context, WordPress has several rivals- Shopify, Drupal, and Joomla. Our tool for creating websites has taken up acclaim. This tool works 62% of all websites around the world and also works with CMS. This is the point why the CMS has been called the “most acclaimed CMS” for 7 years. The closest rival in this “competition” is Shopify, with almost 6%. Looking at these statistics, we can safely say that this is not much of a rival. Don’t you agree? WordPress’s statistics scare off competitors such as Shopify and Magento, they have long existed and are designed specifically for online shopping.

Zones of demand

The occasion for why WordPress is considered acclaimed is because of the adaptability of the CMS. Growing with lightning speed, WordPress lodges world-famous sites. The number of companies that decide to trust the already acclaimed designer is growing. WP offers universal access to the digital world, which provides many additional tools that do not involve an initial investment, which is especially beneficial for beginners. WP is designed to serve small sites, although it has long been proven that it can work with corporate sites. Giants such as Mercedes-Benz, Sony and Mozilla are showing all potential to create websites.


The reasons for demand

Why is WordPress so versatile? It is because of the structure.

With WordPress, anyone can run both individual blogs and world-renowned websites. Everything except the unthinkable is in the dictionary. A clear indicator of its popularity are plugins that have already collected almost 2 billion downloads. The plugin is able to change the website in a minute. So why do people ask about the percentage component of WP when the answer has already known.

Once upon a time, Matt Mullenweg created an egg of Ester with one tool. It’s Hello Dolly, an interesting fact is that it loads at default when downloading WP. This application generates quotes from the works of Louis Armstrong.

There is an assumption that this application was created just for beginners to teach them to use the simplest features of the plugin. It is recommended that you remove this tool because it is very unlikely that you may use it.


The looks and features of a website are equally conduits. WordPress has many contemporary themes. Thousands of gratis and remunerated themes are available to WordPress users. So your website can be completely converted in a few minutes. Do you want to know what the acclaimed theme is? This is Twenty Twenty One. The pleasant thing is that the price is cheaper. The average price per theme is about $40-45, and you don’t have to pay every month. Pay only once and enjoy.


We have advanced something that deserves admission. And now the answer to such a mysterious question about the percentage use of WP on various websites.

Indicators of the latest statistics allow us to see that nearly 39.5% of the entire Web and 62% of CMS-built websites.

WP is large-scale, easy to work, progressive, and universal. The future of WordPress views is bright thanks to the support from our audience.