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3 myths about the construction ERP

Construction ERPSoftwares are becoming a more and more significant part of every entrepreneurship whose objective is to constantly evolve.

However, some of the business owners remain unconvinced whether it is an investment worth its price. We present the common myths about the construction ERP and impugn it.

The digitalization is omnipresent in diverse industries – nevertheless, the construction one treats it with an extra dose of cautiousness. To some entrepreneurs, the partially automatized and software-controlled process may seem something too fast-forward into the future. That is a misconception if we look at the growing trends of 2020 in the construction industry: Construction Management Software and PM Solutions are on the rising trend now. In fact, the software provides companies more control over the process than they ever had. So, what are the most common beliefs on the topic of construction ERP that are totally missed?

Construction ERP is overpriced

The solutions available in the market at this moment are not cheap options if compared to other market options. Anyhow, when they are able to save money through the projects they more than pay for themselves. Additionally, the reason behind the price for the newly created construction software is named advanced algorithms. They are the key point that allow you to make the construction or manufacturing process more efficient and affordable. How does it happen? Based on data analysis, the software helps you to make the best choices for the project you are running – even by handling numerous variables such as the costs of the materials, taxes and the handling of the multiple Timesheets. What is the result of it? Using the features of the ERP leads to a reduction of the expenses. As an entrepreneur, you are probably conscious that without investment it is difficult to start earning. Construction software is one of the investments that are worth their price.

Construction ERP takes control over the process

Myth! As we mentioned before, rather than taking it away, the software helps you to regain control over the process. It makes all the abnormalities instantly visible and helps to get together the information about various parts of the project. As it integrates its financial aspect to the other elements of the process, you can also easily observe the successes and failures of the implemented strategies. The managers have more time and space for observations, analysis and thinking about the possible improvements by taking away from the time put aside for logistics (keeping track of the dozen Excel files and other folders that you might have). The construction ERP never makes decisions by itself – all of them have to be thought through and approved by the authorized person, inside the system. Check detailed description of its functions on https://www.archdesk.co.uk/industries/construction-company/

Construction ERP is not safe

One of the common worries regarding digitalization is its lack of safety. We are used to the conventional storage of data and more traditional process based on phone calls and a lot of paperwork. The skeptics often imagine the worst scenarios in which the whole project gets lost as a result of the mistake of the software. Yet, the truth is that the software is way safer than the traditional way of implementing the project. Think about the old fashioned documentation. Is it easy to maintain all its parts in order and not miss anything important? And what about finding the project ordered a couple of months before? The software allows you to store the projects safely and have quick access to them in case the client decides to use the previous one in your newest collaboration. The level of safety of such a solution is incomparably higher.