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3 tips for getting the office refurb right

As more and more business owners are learning the value of good design, the number of office refurbishments is on the rise.

Redesigning your existing premises rather than relocating can be a much more cost-effective solution to getting your dream office. Here are three tips for making sure you get the crucial decisions right.

Choosing the right furniture

An office refurbishment is a great opportunity to upgrade your furniture over the typical plywood desks and roller-ball chairs that your staff might be used to. Studies show that when employees are comfortable, they tend to be more productive so investing in ergonomic furniture should be the main priority. In an ideal scenario, this furniture would not only serve a functional role but also an aesthetic purpose. The type of furnishings you end up using will play a large role in defining the image you’d like your business to portray. If you regularly invite potential business partners or new employees to your headquarters, remember that your office will play a defining role in their initial first impressions of the company.

Open vs. closed design

Open-plan designs are very much the go-to option for office refurbishments at the moment. Not only does this encourage interoffice communication, but it also has the practical advantage of allowing you to fit more people in the same-sized space. While closed cubicles are generally no longer a popular design choice, they are not without their merits. Many people find that they work better in a more private working environment and this could be critical when it comes to meeting strict deadlines. To accommodate all your employees, trying to find a balance between different environments should be your goal. Consider using sliding doors, like those found at Barrier Components, to close off or open up areas to fit the situation at hand.

Design with the future in mind

Finally, always try to design with the future in mind. Many current office spaces were created around the idea of each employee working on a clunky desktop computer. Nowadays, though, many businesses employ a bring-your-own-device scheme where staff members are afforded much more flexibility in the way they work. Similarly, consider committing to renewable energy systems moving forward. Not only can these be great money and space savers in the long-term, but surveys show that the majority of consumers now think green when purchasing. Embracing these kinds of technologies and incorporating this into your overall marketing strategy could be a great way to attract new customers to your brand.