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Tips for preventing carpet fading

carpet fadingHeavy foot traffic on your carpet, along with accumulated dirt and the use of harsh cleaning agents, can fade your carpet.

As much as possible, you want to keep the vibrant color and beauty of your carpet for many years. That is why keeping your carpet both at home or your business establishment clean and hygienic is important so that they last a long time. This goal can be achieved by following certain simple steps to prevent carpet fading:

1. Eliminate stains

What are the causes why your carpet will fade? Well, one possible cause is the use of detergents. The dirt on your carpet can become quite a bit more concentrated, especially if you leave it on your carpet for a longer period of time. Also, as detergent residue can get into the carpet fibers, it can get stuck in between the fibers. Eventually, this can cause your carpet to start to become stained. 

Rawson Carpet Solutions says that cleaning carpet stains before they set in is essential. Carpet stains are the most common cause of fading and, when they are not removed right away, they cause a discoloration. Carpet stain can be caused by a spill, by being in the carpet for too long, or by having furniture or shoes that touch it.

2. Wash and keep it clean

When dirt gets caught on the carpet fibers, they are broken down into tiny particles. The particles become dirtier when they get deeper in the fibers, and, the dirtier the particles get, the more likely they are to break down even more.

The dirt can break down into microscopic dust that can make your carpet look old and worn, which is also why it gets faded. For this reason, whether you have a carpet at home or in your retail store, an important tip to help you avoid fading in your carpets is to wash it on a regular basis. Washing it in lukewarm water with some detergent is good to keep the color vibrant.

3. Use a steam cleaner

Use a steam cleaner to remove any spills or dirt that are stubborn or are harder to remove. A steam cleaner can help to restore your floor to its former color and shine. Using a steam cleaner can help you clean the floor without the use of bleach or other chemicals.

Here are some tips when steam cleaning your carpet:

  • Vacuum your entire carpet: Steam cleaners cannot pull up large dirt. They can only pull small dirt particles present in the carpet fibers. Use vacuum cleaner to remove hair and larger pieces of dirt. Vacuum the entire room twice and more slowly than you usually would to get as much of the larger dirt and debris as possible. 
  • Use stain remover on bad spots: Steamers cannot set-in stains or lift dirt. It is always a good idea to treat carpet stains before steaming. Use a natural carpet stain remover and blot the stain using a cloth, leaving it to be sucked by the machine.
  • Fill the steam cleaner: Once the carpet has been cleaned and dried, you can pour a cup of water and the detergent into a spray bottle. Spray the carpet, shake it up, and let it sit for at least 15 minutes. Now you can give your carpet a thorough soak. 

Finally, to get the best results when it comes to how to steam clean your carpet, you’ll want to dry the carpet thoroughly with a hairdryer. When the machine is finished, you will see some steam coming out from the carpet. It’s normal and does not need any special treatment.

4. Seal cracks and crevices

Prevent the fading by sealing the cracks and crevices in your carpets, if the carpets are the flooring. To avoid the carpet from cracking, you need to seal the seams and gaps between carpets. You can seal the seams with glue or caulk, which can be used as a sealant, to give a tight bond.

5. Dry your carpet properly

To prevent stains from setting in, avoid putting any sort of liquid onto the carpet. If the stain is permanent, you can use a mild shampoo to remove it. The best way to dry your carpet is to place it in the sun for about fifteen minutes, or with the right type of heat dryer. Avoid overexposing your carpet in direct sunlight because the UV rays can fade the carpet.


These are some simple tips for preventing carpet fading. Make sure to clean and treat stains right away. If the stain is not cleaned up right away, then it can cause damage to the carpet fibers. Avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaning agents. By knowing these steps, you will have a beautiful and hygienic carpet.