3 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your eCommerce Store

After spending time setting up your e-commerce store, you will understandably want people to visit it. The more visitors who stop by, the more opportunities you will have to convert them into loyal customers. You will then make a profit and your business will have an opportunity to grow.

Unfortunately, people rarely stumble upon a website by accident. To drive traffic to your e-commerce store, you need to be proactive. There are a number of things you can do, and these include the following.

#1: Make sure your website can be seen online

People will be searching online for the types of products you sell so you want to make sure that your website is the first website they see. To make sure your site is featured prominently on Google, you need to get to grips with SEO (search engine optimisation). 

For starters, you should use the appropriate keywords and phrases in your website content; those words that your potential customers are likely to type into Google when looking for businesses like yours. This is something you can do yourself but to ensure a greater guarantee of success (and to learn more about SEO), consider the services of an SEO agency for their expert advice and marketing support.

One of the key ways to increase traffic and ensure your e-commerce site is found and visited online is by improving the SEO and authenticity of the site, with link building being a crucial part of this. By building links from external sites, you will not only create a sense of trust but will also help to boost your site in regard to search rankings. When obtaining these links, there are a number of techniques to consider in order to be successful in your outreach and achieve links from high-quality websites with legitimate readers. To find out more about achieving backlinks, read through this blog on link-building techniques for e-commerce businesses.

#2: Create a sense of urgency on social media

When it comes to marketing your business, social media is key. To reach your target audience, you should set up a page on the appropriate social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, and you should consider pay-per-click advertising on these platforms too. When you step up your social media marketing, you stand a better chance of more website traffic provided you remember to add a link to your site.

However, within the content and ads you produce, try to create a sense of urgency. Promote flash sales, limited time offers, and other types of promotions that encourage people to visit NOW and not later on in the week. By doing so, people will be less likely to overlook your social media content as they will have the incentive to visit your website immediately. 

#3: Give people a reason to come back to your website

How many returning visitors does your website receive? If people come once and never visit again, it’s probably because they have no incentive to return. You need to give them a reason to come back, as by doing so, you will maintain website traffic and perhaps even encourage your visitors to share word of your site with others. 

One way to bring them back is to create regular content, such as blog posts and videos, that directly appeal to their needs. If they know there will be something interesting to watch or read on a daily/weekly basis, they might bookmark your site and visit often. Regular discounts and other types of product offers will also encourage them to visit your website regularly. To coax people to return, send out reminders via your social media pages and email newsletters, and implement mention of the incentives we suggested within your content. 


With so much competition out there, finding ways to drive more traffic to your site is a must. If all else fails and you need to drive traffic to your e-commerce store, then there are options to purchase traffic. We have touched upon a few ideas here but continue your research around our website and elsewhere online to learn more.