4 Useful Google Tools For Entrepreneurs And Business Owners 

As the most used search engine in the world, it’s no wonder most aspiring entrepreneurs use Google to grow their businesses. Google has expanded its digital tools over the years, from mere searches to assisting and hosting online businesses.

It has been made possible because of its dominance in SEO control and access. Furthermore, for business owners, it has provided mostly free or affordable software and web services to run a business entirely online.

Suppose you’re an entrepreneur and business owner looking for Google apps to help you run your business. In such a case, here are four useful tools you can leverage:

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics is arguably one of the most comprehensive service tools for gathering and tracking data of existing customers and potential buyers on your website. This information and statistics are essential not only to find out whether your website is successful in acquiring new customers and overall performance status but also to keep track of your target demographic activity on your website.  

Analytics can also be useful when using Google to run ad campaigns. It can provide you with insights into the effectiveness of your ads and help determine where your most responsive demographics are located. It is a similar technology used when tracking someone on Google Maps

Furthermore, this tool can also be used not just to discover past data. It can also help gain knowledge and inform future strategies. You can use the dashboards, visualization, and monitoring sections to find patterns and metrics and predict upcoming trends that can be utilized to improve the website and advert achievement.  

  • Google My Business

In today’s digital economy, most consumers looking for a product or service will start with a search on Google. Thus, you want to ensure that if your business comes on the search page, it appears credible, trustworthy, and presentable, as first impressions matter for potential customers. This is where Google My Business comes in, as an official business listing and directory tool. You can use it to create and claim a business profile and fill in details.  

In general, this is the information panel that shows up when someone searches the internet to find your specific business or when a keyword related to your business is searched. It includes your business location, phone number, operating hours, website, and a reviews tab. This tool is also essential when you need to differentiate your business from competitors or unrelated businesses with a similar name or products as yours.

Google tools

  • Google Drive

Cloud-based storage is certainly a must-have for any online, digital business, or e-commerce store, and Google Drive is one of the most useful free systems. You can use it to create, share, store, and collect your business files, documents, and content online. All of these can be edited in real-time, and the changes reflect immediately, making it excellent for work collaboration teams. Furthermore, these can be accessed remotely on any device.  

One of the features of Google Drive is security, as all your information is encrypted when shared and when it’s in-rest. The app has built-in software to block out spam and malware and detect threats to prevent breaches. It makes a cost-effective option for small businesses to protect their assets and sensitive data instead of purchasing expensive cybersecurity services. Currently, the app gives account holders 15GB of free storage. However, you can buy more of up to 2TB of extra space.   

  • Google Meet

A true gem in this era of remote work and teleconferencing is Google Meet. It allows you to host or join in business video or audio calls. Each meeting can last up to 60 minutes and include 100 participants with a free account. Thus, as an entrepreneur, you can maximize it to conveniently coordinate with staff, shareholders, and investors or clients without being physically present. Meetings can also be accessed from any device.  

Additionally, one of the best parts of Google Meet is that participants don’t need to download the app to use it, as it can work with Google’s Chrome browser. Attendees will need to receive a code or a link that they can click on to enter the meeting. It can also be synced with Google calendar so that when a meeting is scheduled, a reminder will pop up before a meeting takes place. 

Wrapping It Up

The majority of internet users today use Google to search for products, services, and businesses, which is why the search engine has developed tools for entrepreneurs to utilize and conduct daily operations. 

Thus, the above applications are some of the most useful tools to help you manage data, track and target customers, and run ad campaigns. They’re simple to use yet can cover the necessities, features, and integrations needed for a fully functioning business to run.