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5 ways to make your business exceptional

business exceptionalIs it the smell of a new pair of boots or the thrill they encounter when they finally found the red jacket that matches perfectly with their handbag they bought last season? Maybe it’s the “new” feeling or the, yes! they got it on sale feeling.

Whatever the consumer is feeling that makes them return season after season to buy yet another item that they might not necessarily be needed, retailers need to find out what sparkly object they must swing in front of their customers’ noses to reel them into their shop. Does your business have what it takes to be exceptional?

Businesses worldwide are being forces to think outside of the box; redirect their initial plans and constantly keep track of how they can take their business to the next level.

Here are 5 ways that will help your business go from good to exceptional:

Give rein to your business name

Giving rein to your reputation and your name is as old as the mountains, our parents and their parents established it in our upbringing since we understood what it meant. We were taught that we only have one name and once we destroy it we can’t get it back again. Same with any business, once it receives bad feedback from customers, future customers will be more sceptical to trust products that your business is selling. Making sure your products are of good quality will always result in people telling others about their wonderful experiences. People will always buy “the name” for the feeling they get when purchasing it – think iPhone.

Give your customers five-star treatment

Walking into a casino with lights flashing and bells ringing, people giving you five-star service is one of the big reasons why people return to casinos and online slots. The feeling of escaping life and all its problems for a few hours are all part of the reasons why online gaming and casinos are getting bigger and bigger as we speak. Where online casinos are changing the in-person feeling forever is that the online experience has the same bells and whistles that you would get in a normal walk-in casino. All the different gaming options are just a click away and easily accessible, making it one of the best online businesses which will reach $102,97 billion market worth in 2025 according to an article published by CISION – Pr Newswire.

When customers enter your business the feeling they experience with your products or services and personal interaction are crucial for any business that wants to be exceptional. Where there is a new version of products launching faster than anyone can keep track of. How you make your customers feel while they are in your store or visiting your online store will always, no matter how things change in the future, be the one constant standard which businesses can measure themselves against.

Why are your customers choosing your store?

Knowing your customers’ needs and wants, and regularly doing online surveys or in-store questionnaires may help businesses understand what your customers will want to buy in the future. But that is not enough, business owners must be on the lookout for their competitors and what their strategy is for moving forward. Seeking to improve daily and being open to change will help businesses succeed in today’s competitive environment.

Give your customers something to come back to

As previously mentioned how your business and your employees make the customers feel will have long-lasting effects on your business. When new customers enter your store, be sure to get their email address or even offer a discount when they follow your business on social media.

Businesses should keep in touch and stay connected to their customers. Regular emails that promote special offers are one of the best ways to keep your customers reminded why they love your store and products so much. Keeping them engaged with new products being launched and seasonal changes promotes day-after-day feet entering your store.

Stay tuned in with the changing technology

If that means hiring a tech-savvy person to help you stay up to date with all the new ways of reaching your current and future customers so be it. Technology made our lives so much easier with everything being only a touch of a button away but has also created an enormous gap between businesses that has online services and those that don’t. While online shopping exploded in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the world, businesses who couldn’t quickly change their way of selling their products and services had to face tough decisions and consequences. According to London CNN Business, the coronavirus crisis has divided retail companies into two distinct groups: those with functioning e-commerce businesses, and those without. Many of the have-nots won’t survive.

We are living in a changing world, and the pandemic that hit the world wasn’t the first big change and won’t be the last big change the world will see. Business needs to adapt to become exceptional, change and seek opportunities to be one step ahead of their competitors and one step ahead of what might be thrown their way in the future. Retailers need to revise and go back to the drawing board to shift their original plans. As we can see the world we once knew might not return to normal any time soon, we might as well embrace it. As Steve Jobs famously said: “The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones that do”.