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Putting a smile on your customers’ faces

There is nothing more important in business than making your customers smile. If you can keep existing customers on side and impress new clients, you stand a good chance of succeeding.

If you’re keen to try and reach out to new customers, or you’d like to improve client retention rates, here are some techniques you can try to put a smile on your customers’ faces. 

Invest in technology

Consumer habits are influenced heavily by advances in technology. Today, many customers look for simple, convenient, hassle-free ways of buying products and investing in services. If you’re a business looking to impress customers, ensuring you can offer a seamless experience is essential. Whether you run a coffee shop in a busy part of town, or you have an online clothing store, for example, technology can make all the difference. Consider the impact of gadgets and features like a rapid credit card processing terminal, machinery used to speed up the process of making hot drinks and AI programs that provide personalized shopping recommendations. Plus something like order tracking software so your customers can stay up to date is sure to make them happy. Investing in new tech can help you to simplify and accelerate the buying process, enhance the experience, and eliminate stress. 

Ensure that the customer is king or queen

There’s nothing worse than going into a store and feeling like you’re being ignored, or calling a customer service line and waiting for hours to get through to a human being. Every customer should be given the VIP treatment. Customer service has never been more important, due to the popularity of sharing reviews and the gravitas online feedback carries. More than 90% of people now look for reviews before purchasing a product or booking a table in a restaurant, for example. If you treat every customer like a king or queen, the chances of securing positive feedback are very high. Word of mouth is still a very potent marketing tool, especially considering the influence of virtual communication channels and social platforms. 

Inject some originality

Competition is fierce, regardless of the industry in which you operate. As a business owner, you have to be able to entice customers and persuade them that you are the best option for them. While the quality of products and services is a critical factor, there are other ways of impressing buyers. Be original in your approach to marketing, personalise the user experience, and try and make the process of shopping or browsing unique. 

Deliver on your promises

When you sell a product or a service to a customer, they have expectations based on the promises you make. To keep your clients happy, you should always ensure that you’re able to deliver. Don’t offer a same-day service if you know there is a good chance you won’t be able to fulfil that promise in time. If you are on course, and something beyond your control means that you’re going to struggle to complete an order, be honest with the customer, offer an explanation, and find a solution. 

In business, pleasing the customer should always be a priority. Hopefully, these tips will ensure you receive 5-star reviews and put a smile on your customer’s faces.