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6 top tips for estate agency marketing

All businesses recognise the importance of high-quality displays, and this is even more so the case when it comes estate agencies.

All estate agencies need to make the most of their window space if they are to attract attention and increase their chances of making a sale. Competition is fierce, and you need to stand out if you are to excel. Luckily, this is what this post is designed to assist you with. Read on to discover some signs you should look out for when identifying a premium quality estate agency display.

1. The display is regularly updated

All good estate agent displays need to be updated on a regular basis. If you have the same properties in your window for months on end, you are going to fail to attract new interest, and this will have a negative impact on your brand image. People might think that you do not make the effort to promote any new properties that you have on your books, or that you are unable to sell the ones you currently have. This is where the services of a good estate agents such as estate agent Clitheroe can make a difference.

Your window should not only feature properties. It should advertise your services. Do you provide 3D render images for new builds? Do you offer video tours? What makes your estate agency the best? It’s the commitment to regular updates, innovative services, and a customer-centric approach.

2. It stands out from other displays in the area

If you walk past most estate agencies, their window displays will look similar, i.e. several rows of property photographs. If you can break away from this mold and make your display slightly different from the rest, you are guaranteed to make heads turn. Of course, you still need to maintain an air of professionalism and ensure you are advertising a good selection of properties, but you should also try and think outside of the box too.

3. High-quality display products are used

You certainly should not stick your property photographs and posters on the wall with Sellotape or Blue Tac. You need to invest in high-quality display products, which are going to create a sophisticated, sleek and stylish wall display that is assured to generate attention.

4. The display is bold and eye-catching

The term ‘vanilla’ is often used to describe things that are bland and have no special or extra features. This is a term you certainly do not want to be associated with your display. Instead, you need to use bold colours, shapes, and designs to ensure that your display makes people stop in their tracks. Of course, the style and colours you utilise will need to be consistent with your brand identity, but they also need to be striking and effective. When did a beige or light grey display ever turn heads?

5. The display is consistent with your brand image

As briefly touched upon; it is vital to have a display that is a perfect representation of your business. Everything you do nowadays needs to be done with brand identity taken into account. If your window display differs from the inside of your store, your business cards, your logo and your website, for instance, you are only going to send out a confusing message. This will weaken your brand image. Instead, you must keep everything consistent.

6. The display attracts plenty of people

Ultimately, you can determine whether an estate agent’s display is effective or not by noting how many people walk over and look at the properties showcased in the window. This is the true measure of whether a display is successful. If you are failing to attract those who pass by, changes must be made.

Hopefully, the six points that have been mentioned in this post will give you a better idea as to whether your estate agency display is effective or not.