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A business cannot survive without…

It’s essential to be smart when it comes to running a business, but more than that, it pays to pay attention to details. This is why it’s always recommended that people who open businesses have at least experience in managing one in a relatively decent and well-paid role, or have experienced this before. But when opening a business, it’s also incredibly easy to bring plenty of lofty goals with you. You’re not going to be like the others, right?

Well, unfortunately, everyone opening a business believes that. It’s incredibly easy to craft a list of goals and a vision that seems impressive to even the most seasoned business leader. But unless you focus on the details of what could bring you down, you’ll never know how to avoid or plan for those difficulties ahead of time. This inattention is often what leads to the majority of businesses closing, even if they looked like they would survive beforehand.

So come with us as we try to expand our understanding, and learn just what a business cannot survive without…


It’s never enough that you had a winning formula when you began trading and opened for business. Even if you encountered a wildly successful five years, you must grow, adapt and remain relevant in the industry. You must have your finger on the pulse, and even try to predict that pulse before it happens.

Consider how Apple and other technology firms work. They release a product that seems ahead of time, and revolutionary. But they know that this becomes the new normal, and the expectations begin to sink in as something that should be expected from others. Not only does this give Microsoft and direct competitors much more to think about when it comes to revolutionizing their offering, but it also steps up the game for Apple the next time they come to the drawing board.

Strive to be relevant, and understand what people expect. Understand how you might improve on that already offered. A gentle balance between respecting the past and innovating more can help you. This is because often, in most industries, there are both timeless considerations that will always retain their use, and innovations that need to be made.

Healthy finance

There are many forms of financing out there for your business, but not all of them are as healthy as you might imagine. You might be undergoing financial issues, and a keen investor might suggest that they can help you out with this, provided they become the majority shareholder, and perhaps own more than half your business. This of course takes the power directly out of your hands, even though it helps you survive. Some people might find that an acceptable price to pay. Some might not. It all depends on your situation, and how you foresee the future of your firm panning out.

But there’s no reason to put yourself in this situation. With healthy financial planning, you can often achieve much more than you might realize. This is where healthy short term business loans come in. With a dedicated service designed to help you match with willing, communicative and fair loan providers, you might be able to help your small business skyrocket to future betterment. Of course, it’s not worthwhile to opt for something like this if you are in dire straights, but it can be worthwhile to help settle you through a smooth period, to fulfill large obligations, or to help you innovate further than you had expected.

Without this form of finance, or a healthy alternative, your business might struggle to survive. Be sure to read the depths of the terms and conditions, and ensure that every positive decision you make here is out of possibility, not painful obligation.

Good PR

While you might not be lucky enough to manage a full PR department right now (this is usually one of the luxuries of a larger business) it is essential to maintain your image. Keeping tight control over your social media pages is perhaps the first step, because nothing has been utilized in more damaging ways than this over the last ten years for a range of firms. Just look at the recent controversy with PETA. Of course, your business might not be in the same classification as organizations like this, but it’s important to consider how you might progress with the best goodwill, online and offline.

Ensure that all posts are approved before sending them out. While an approach such as that Wendy offers on its Twitter platform is quite impressive from a level of pure audience interaction, you can be sure that coming out with this kind of development from nowhere is sure to turn people off to your brand. Remain professional, jovial, and celebratory.

Also, address any negative PR immediately. But also don’t feel obliged to kowtow to the online crowd if accused of something that you might not have control over, or really need to apologize for. For example, it might be that part of your product is made with a material that is less sustainable than it might be. Instead of apologizing deeply, simply suggesting you have taken on the feedback and drawing attention to your environmental charitable contributions can help you seem stronger in the face of that backlash.

If possible, it can also be worthwhile to use reputation management services. These services use online trends to help veer public opinion for the better, which can often help you overcome an issue like this, and focus more on what started that in the first place. Without good PR, or without the ability to ensure your firm never puts its foot in its own mouth, you can be absolutely assured as much as possible that your public relations should only inspire your customers, and then the mutual engagement becomes healthy and positive from both sides.

With these tips, your business is sure to survive in its best manner possible.