All about BIC pens and lighters

For over 70 years, BIC has been one of the leading manufacturers of disposable, single-use products like pens, lighters, and shavers that people around the world rely on every day.

In fact, their classic white and orange pens and lighters have become iconic affordable objects that millions carry with them, and a symbol of simplicity and functionality for people all over the world.

This brand was able to go from a pretty unusual beginning producing Matchbox-type toys after World War II to becoming one of the top selling consumer brands worldwide. In fact, BIC has a fascinating history of innovation, business strategy, and global expansion.

In this post we will take a deeper look into the brand behind these ubiquitous everyday items, exploring BIC’s journey from a small French company to an international beast in the field of disposable consumer goods.

A little bit about BIC’s past

The legendary heritage of BIC Graphic goes back more than 60 years. After seeing an opportunity in the market for single-use ballpoint pens, Baron Marcel Bich founded the company in 1950.

But just a little bit later, BIC began selling lighters and shavers in addition to pens. The history of Bich’s dedication to supplying consumers worldwide with inexpensive, high-quality, and reliable products is carried on in every product.

In 1973, with the introduction of the first BIC lighter, the firm embarked on its adventure into the lighter market. This change allowed BIC to expand its product line beyond pens. And the dependability and simplicity of their products have made them a favorite all over the world.

BIC for companies: their brand promotion line

If your company is in need of promotional items, BIC Graphic has something for you, too. Thanks to their business line, you can have your company’s logo added on any of the many pens and lighters offered by the iconic producer. So, if you’re looking for an inexpensive method to promote your company or host an event, these items are a great choice.

BIC pens

BIC’s promotional pens

For instance, when it comes to showcasing your brand’s identity, BIC offers an extensive catalog of personalized pens that you can use to cater to your audience’s needs, styles and personalities.

The company has been active for a few decades now, which means that you can find a pen that reflects your brand’s image with almost any style you can imagine.

Whether you prefer traditional ballpoints for a classic touch, touchscreen smart pens for tech-savvy convenience, or environmentally friendly alternatives for sustainability, you can’t go wrong if you explore their catalogue.

BIC’s lighters

Something similar happens with BIC lighters, which work wonders as a promotional item. In this particular case, there is a lot of room for personalization: you can choose from a variety of colors, designs and even packaging options.

Moreover, you can add bigger logos and branding assets on lighters, so they might be a better alternative if you want your company’s identity to be more visible.

And of course, lighters are used very often by all kinds of people, so with this brand item you’ll be able to stay relevant in your customers’ minds.

A brand committed to long-term sustainability

One of the latest innovations at BIC Graphic is their strong commitment to taking care of the environment. For that reason, if you want to promote your company while you reflect its environmental beliefs, this is the best option: eco-friendly pens and lighters.

The recycled materials used to make BIC’s eco-friendly pens allow them to lower their environmental effect while maintaining the great standards that have made them famous. Similarly, you can opt for refillable models in the company’s lighter range, which promotes reusability and reduces waste.

For that reason, if you want to promote your company among an environment – aware crowd, their products can be a great alternative.

European market dominance

The fact that BIC Graphic is the market leader in Europe shows how seriously the company takes quality, innovation, and happy customers. More and more businesses seeking promotional products are turning to this company because of ots extensive product catalog, dedication to sustainability, and stellar reputation for reliability.

In fact, which kid raised in Europe doesn’t have a vivid memory of his first BIC pen? This company has been trusted by at least three generations now; which means that, by choosing their promotional products, you can also enjoy the same dedication to quality.