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Automation With Chatbots: Why Do Businesses Need To Implement It?

Automation of business processes is an important step in increasing the competitiveness of any company and is indispensable during business scaling. Chatbots can help with business automation.

Today, many people don’t waste time on recruiting initial activity in social networks but buy real Instagram followers, don’t dive deeply into narrowly focused tasks but delegate them to other specialists, use artificial intelligence tools, etc. So, the quality of performance increases, the burden of routine activities removes, and resources are freed up for more important tasks. As a consequence, the company’s profit increases, but personnel costs do not. In this article, we will consider chatbots as one of the trending automation tools used to solve more tasks in various niches.

What Processes Can be Automated With the Chat Bot?

A chat bot is a software that automates communication with potential customers and provides the necessary number of touches, thereby shortening the customer’s path to purchase and improving the digital experience. It can work on the website, in messengers, and on social networks. 

First, you can use the chat bot to set up a trigger that activates when the customer performs a specific targeted action, writes a keyword, command, or interacts with the account content. You can create a welcome menu with buttons for quick commands that answer the most common questions and guide users through the right chain of scripts.

A new customer won’t even have to spend a lot of time typing the text, they will just click the right button and get an instant response. This will allow you not to miss any orders and respond around the clock. Because if you are not online then the client will turn to a competitor. 

Second, chat bots can automate the loyalty program. The bot can give each participant points, offer lead magnets, give unique promo codes and discount coupons.

Third, with the help of a chat bot, you can enhance marketing and targeted advertising.

In order not to miss the client and carry out each one through the sales funnel from targeting, the chat bot can act according to the planned scenario, warm up leads and lead the client to purchase.

AI can also be used to create chat bots based on a real or fictional personality. These character AI can be used for whatever purpose you might want.


How to Create and Run a Chat Bot?

Chatbots can be developed from scratch on your own or you can use special constructors. Constructors have a low entry threshold, they allow you to create bots without any programming skills or with minimal knowledge of this topic.

First, you need to develop the simplest chat bot and ensure a list of popular questions, that are most often asked by phone or in chats. If the client asks a question not from the list, the chat bot should write down unfamiliar wording, and transfer the client to the operator. After a while, you will have several dozen questions that will need to be processed and entered into the script along with the answers. In the future, you will be able to complicate the bot, adding new features and capabilities.

If you plan to place the bot on different channels, then at the development stage it is better to choose a constructor that supports several sites at once. So you will be able to quickly publish your bot to a new messenger or social network. At the same time, all the logic of the bot, as well as statistics and dialogues with customers, will be preserved.

The focus is always on improving the customer experience, so when using chatbots, you need to take into account all the details: create an attractive look of the site, ensure high page loading speed. If it is social networks, provide the resource with useful unique content, form a trusting first impression with the help of high statistics, and buy Instagram followers, YouTube views, TikTok likes, etc. In a series of publications, tell subscribers about the benefits and capabilities of the chat bot, give a link and attach instructions on how to communicate with it.

To sum up, chatbots, like other AI tools, will be used to further expand human capabilities and free people from routine tasks so that they have more time for creativity and innovation. As a result, everyone will have a fully functional personal assistant in their pocket, and our world will become an even more productive place for people to work and effectively interact with each other.