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Choosing the right landscaper for your brand

In the retail business, branding is everything. Your outdoor space is a representation of you, your brand values, and your commitment to customer service.

For example, through the colours of your brickwork, planting or fencing, you can choose to keep these in line with your branding or logo to suggest brand loyalty. Additionally, your choice of materials can help to create a relaxed or clinical feel, dependent on brand values. You may choose to use hedging or fencing for security and each of these features serves to represent something about your company.

As such, finding a landscaper who understands you and your company is essential. Some key elements to look for when choosing your landscaper are included below.

Good reputation

This almost goes without saying, but it is important to remember to choose someone with a decent repertoire of customers, and some solid feedback or testimonials from their clients. Customer care is likely to be at the heart of your values, and you need to find a relationship with your contractor to support this. Grounds require some maintenance, so you will be looking to build a lasting relationship with your landscaper. We all rely on word-of-mouth recommendations, and with the advent of internet services, we can now find information at the tips of our fingers.


Find a landscaping business who have experience. Whilst it is always great to give opportunities to people starting out, when you’re busy and have a lot to do daily, choosing someone with experience means you can leave your grounds in the right hands. Contracting requires efficiency and diplomacy, as well as dedication and organisation. These values come from the experience of having worked with several different brands, and serve to provide you with landscaping services that are intuitive, reliable and flexible.

Again, looking at the brands the company has worked with in the past is a good indicator of their experience.


Ideally knowledge comes with experience, which means if you have found a landscaper who ticks the other two boxes, then this is a given! Plants can work in harmony or they can disrupt each other. A good landscaper will be able to advise on the use of plants, paving and patio in your outdoor area, and implement changes as necessary. They will be able to design a maintenance schedule that fits around your business and budget.