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Country Attire ‘gets personal’ with its global customers

Online retailer Country Attire, whose premium brands include Barbour, Hunter, and Vivienne Westwood, has increased website revenue per session by 32% thanks to a new customer focused strategy.

With a heritage that dates back to 1822, Country Attire has gained a following worldwide and works with over 120 globally-recognised brands. Finding it increasingly difficult to deliver relevant content to individual website visitors, personalisation expert Monetate has enabled Country Attire to focus on producing personalised, live feed changes to UK and international customers within minutes. The company now gives individual customers content that is relevant to them, instead of a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Implementing a personalisation platform has seen an increase in time spent on the webpage and a decrease in both bounce rate and cart abandonment. The platform also allows the retailer’s marketing and IT teams to work more effectively together, enabling experiences to be added or removed from the online store in minutes generating fast and accurate results.

After implementing a personalisation strategy, Country Attire has seen the following results in the UK:

  • 32% increased UK website revenue per session.
  • 28% increase in UK conversion rates.

Jenny Parker, marketing director at Country Attire, said: “Personalisation provides us with a point of differentiation, allowing us to punch above our weight in a crowded online marketplace. With Monetate our aim is to provide a unique online service similar to a personal shopper on the high street, and we have done this. The Monetate team is an extension of ours; they understand our unique business and challenges, and have helped us provide a bespoke solution to our specific needs.”

By targeting different countries with its USP of free international shipping, the retailer has moved away from its original A/B testing and now targets specific customers to deliver a different personalised experience with individual promotions.

Mike Harris, VP of EMEA at Monetate, said: “Country Attire is a growing online retailer which has a large global market with difference tastes and preferences. Monetate allows Country Attire to enhance the shopping experience by changing its online voice for different countries worldwide. Offering an improved experience enables the retailer to benefit from customers spending time on its site, making more purchases as a result.”

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