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Dangerous electronic goods flood the UK market in 2014

Will Best, managing director of Pat Labels online has noticed some worrying trends throughout 2014 with an increase in dangerous goods flooding the UK market from overseas.

Best commented: “Contacts and colleagues in the industry are all reporting the increased presence of dangerous goods in the UK marketplace, ranging from cheaply manufactured electronic cigarette chargers which can spontaneously blow up to imitation children’s toys which can cause electric shocks this surge is undoubtedly putting lives and homes at risk.”

“In my opinion it is the dangerous and unregulated production of counterfeit phone and tablet chargers which present the biggest risk to the consumer, although genuine chargers are seen as expensive, a price cannot be put on safety.”

London Fire Brigade investigation units carried out a range of tests on counterfeit chargers and reported that those using fake devices are ‘risking electrocution, burns or even a serious house fire.’ The report also states: ‘The two genuine Apple iPhone chargers analysed by investigators had 60 or more components in their circuitry while the sub-standard chargers had, on average, less than half that number.’

Pat Labels Online, part of the Leedmarque group has been supplying electrical safety labels to engineers, contractors and wholesalers in the UK since 2002. At the forefront of the industry, Pat Labels Online enjoyed 40% growth in 2014 with a large proportion of growth coming from new customers.

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