Five tips to rank your e-commerce store on a tight budget

The e-commerce boom is nothing new. What’s new is the shift that was expected to happen after a few years fast-forwarded itself, and today we see every small business trying to make space for itself on the Internet. While these new blooms don’t consider competing with the big brands, they surely target to grab their audience’s attention and make the most of the opportunities at their scale. At times, they are even more successful than brands because of the economic factor, but sustaining long-term success is difficult to achieve. Why?

Well, they say money attracts money. Not having a fat budget is one of the major hindrances faced by small-scale e-commerce businesses when establishing their online presence and rank high. However, these barriers can be overcome with little smartness and knowledge of ranking up with a constraint budget.

Let’s take a look at five fantastic tactics that can accelerate not only your sales but also allow your e-commerce business to rank higher on search engines even when your investment window is small.

Leverage niche relevancy

We agree that for big brands, it is easier to do digital marketing differently and hence knocking them off the top ranks seems an impossible task. The giants like Amazon have multi-category products, and with easy visibility, they effortlessly steal the sale and the rank from small online stores. However, this is precisely the point that small online stores need to leverage.

Often the brands don’t have niche relevancy. Also, the products being sold by third parties lack quality. These two points could be the game-changers as for big online stores; the ranking page is often generic. Small e-commerce stores don’t need to invest heavily to get a targeted page ranked. Be-specific and niche-dedicated digital marketing can help small businesses to rank higher even than big brands.

Focus on the right keywords

When it comes to SEO, the right keywords can do the magic like nothing else. This simple yet powerful tactic and help your online store rank up even when the competition is tough. Plus, it is the basic requirement for any SEO campaign, and that’s why it is economical in every aspect. The key is to focus on long-tail keywords. The result is better visibility and better conversion.

The below given example can make above discussed two points clearer:

e-commerce rank puschairs

On searching the Silver Cross dolls’ pushchairs, you will get the results in which Amazon ranks much lower than the other online stores. The trick here is using the right set of niche-specific keywords.

Stop using stock product descriptions

Although giving you an easy way of uploading the product, stock product descriptions, however, it is a bad practice. Your SEO benefits go straight down the drain when you use stock product descriptions. Unique content is the priority for getting SEO right at place. While it is common for big brands to use stock product descriptions, small e-commerce businesses wishing to rise the rank ladder should always use unique product descriptions. For example, iPad descriptions at Amazon have 32 results over the web.

e-commerce rank ipad

If you want to stand out, use a unique product description. To make the most out of the investment resources, start with products that sell more and rewrite their descriptions.

The tactic is simple and does not put a hole in your pocket.

Make category pages an in-depth guide

One of the common mistakes done by small businesses with limited SEO-budget is to over-stuff the product description with keywords. Honestly, no one wants to read a narrative that has the product name in every single line. Instead, they wish to read about the features, unique attributes, usages, and value of the product to them. A category page is your way to reach the customer’s mind directly. Turn your category pages into guides that help customers to know about the product better. Without any effort, you have won the sale and rank-credibility for search engines with your unique content guide.

Build relationships to get credible backlinks

Lastly, use your social skills to get backlinks. Were you wondering how to do that? It may not be a quick solution, but try to build cooperative relationships with influencers from your business field. Send your products to them for review- engage in their content- and make a reputation with them. Once you have entered their good books, ask them to talk about your product and be ready if they have any criticism. This will allow you to generate authoritative backlinks and also improve your product and services as per the feedback received. In both ways, it is a win-win situation. Apart from this, you can use email marketing campaigns and testimonials to get the backlinks that add to your authority rank.

There is no denying that ranking higher takes time and effort, but there are several ways that allow you to reach the top without making huge investments when it comes to money. With these simple and economical tips, your e-commerce store is all set to take the flight and rank high- all you need is consistency and focus.