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Handling Your Office Move To A New Location In The Right Way

Whether you’re expanding the team, or trying to get to a better location for your customers and partners, or you simply want a space that better fits the needs of your business, setting up the right physical office is crucial. Sometimes, that means moving your space. Here, we’re going to take a look at some of the tips that can help ensure that you’re making the move with as little disruption and downtime as possible.

Start using hybrid work setups

One of the big trends in working changes as of late has been the shift to remote and flexible working as standard in more and more workplaces. Now is a good time to adopt them, if you haven’t already. Allowing employees to bring their own equipment to work, or even to work remotely from home, in advance of the move can help them stay productive when the move is underway, as well. This way, you don’t have to give your team paid time off, you can make sure that they’re still keeping up with their workload even if the office isn’t available for one or two days or more.

Get the help you need early

You should bear in mind that you’re going to need the right tools to move everything from one location to the next. In particular, the right moving vehicle, drivers, and tools to lift your office furniture and work equipment are vital. As such, you want to get in touch with a removals company as far in advance as you can when you’ve confirmed your moving date. These companies can get pretty busy so the longer you leave it, the greater the chance that the team of your choice won’t be available when you need them.

Pack it up bit by bit

You are going to want to keep some of your office active, supplied, and at full working capacity (or as close to) for as long as possible. However, there are going to be resources that you can start packing up early so that you can chip away at it, day by day until moving day comes. Make sure that you get your fill of moving supplies in advance, and label your boxes with where they need to go as you’re packing up. You should keep in mind the process of unpacking on the other side, and keep that as easy for yourself as possible.

Inform those who need to know

Before the move begins in earnest, you should make sure to communicate with everyone who needs to know. Of course, your employees should be the first to know but, if you need to close down communications for a day or you simply have to let your customers and other partners get in touch in a different way for a few days, then you should be sure to let them know in advance of the move.

Moving location is always going to be at least somewhat stressful and demanding. However, with the tips above, you can keep things a lot smoother than you would without putting in any forethought.