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How to overcome the struggle of finding a job in a large city

Moving to a large city offers a variety of new opportunities. There are more people, businesses, attractions, and communities that you can become a part of. With this in mind, one would think that a larger city would provide more employment opportunities than a smaller one, but its not always so easy.

Many large cities are densely populated with workers who are all competing for the best positions. Regardless of your skills, qualifications and experience, there are likely a few people lining up with you to obtain your desired job.

Luckily, there are numerous ways you can improve your chances of getting hired and overcome the struggle of finding a job in your new city.

Temp staffing agencies

There are numerous benefits to taking temporary positions while you work towards something more solid in the future. You can build your CV by gaining experience, get a taste of a new industry, networking with fellow employees and potentially find a permanent position within your temp job workplace.

Many agencies offer positions that still allow you to keep the engine running while offering the flexibility of part-time work. This allows you to build your work around your lifestyle as opposed to the other way around. Temp staffing agencies allow you to build your own profile, where you can state the hours you are free and your experience, making the process of getting hired and qualifying for a job much quicker.

Plan before you move

If you’re yet to move to the city of your choice, there are a few steps you can take to ensure you’ll land your desired position.

Being able to attend interviews is important. Many employers run a tight schedule and aren’t willing to wait for you to make your own plans. Ensure you also have the funds to pay for your own travel expenses, as those may not be cheap depending on the distance.

If you’ve already chosen where you’re going to settle in the new city, be sure to update the address on your CV to match. This way employers know that you’re not a remote candidate. If you’ve found your desired job, check whether there’s a relocation package or whether you have to pay your own bills.

This may end up either saving you tons of money or costing you more than you can stomach. If it’s the latter, consider whether the job is really worth your time or not.

Go online

These days its extremely rare for any sizeable city to not have a large network of websites designed for employers to post new job opportunities for job seekers.

Websites such as Indeed, London Jobs and Reed are constantly updated with new positions. Details such as hours, salary expectations and requirements are usually included in each posting, giving you a comprehensive look at what to expect.

Some sites also allow users to upload their own CVs and have agencies contact them if their experience or qualifications fall in line with what they’re looking for. Of course, this may not be the most solid method as there are likely thousands of other users also uploading their CVs, but it’s worth a shot considering how simple it is to set up.

Another great way of finding work is to head straight to the HR department of your desired company. Most businesses have their own site with the appropriate contact details or a careers section where aspiring employees can offer their services. This could open up the opportunity for you to work for the company you’ve always wanted to.

Once you’ve landed the interview and signed the papers, you can now enjoy living in the big city, along with all the opportunities it presents. A larger world of people, restaurants, shops, groups and entertainment is now ready for you to make the most of.