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Up and leave your office for remote life

living a remote lifeIf the last year has taught us anything about the working world – it is that we don’t need an office to perform many of our working operations.

If you have been forced to run your business from home for the last year and you are now considering your life options for the future, why not consider staying remote for good? 

The money you can save on renting an office is immense and hiring people remotely can be much easier than in house. To make the move from office life to remote working is tough but today we want to guide you through what you need to do to pack up your office this year.

Have a deep clean 

Before you hand over the keys to your office to your landlord or new owner you need to take a day to do a deep clean of the space to ensure it is hygienic and clean. Be sure to steam clean all of the carpets, dry clean the curtains and blinds, bleach the kitchen and surfaces and dust everywhere. Make your space spick and span as well as hygienic and safe for its next occupants. 

Sell unneeded items 

Now is the ideal time for you to go through all of the furniture and equipment you have in the office and start to decide what you could sell. Consider selling your office supplies on eBay or on second hand business goods websites to allow others to use your items and bring in some money to your own pot. It is a great idea to make some money back on your purchases and this will help fund your move to home as well as go towards any renovation you do to your home office. 

Pack up your things 

Now is the time to pack up your things in the office and move to your home – and you can use a site such as Shiply to help. Using a professional movers is a great idea for you because it will ensure that everything can be moved at once and you will be able to protect your things under insurance from the company. Bring your things home and get ready to set up your dream working space in your house. 

Renovate your home office 

Setting up a remote office is a big deal and you need to consider that this will be a room you spend most of your day in each day. Be sure to decorate the room in a way that makes you happy, choose a room with a window to allow the light in, and add some homely touches to make the space more comfortable and fit for purpose. Renovate your home office during a couple of days and set it up exactly how you need it to provide the perfect working space for you.

Working from home no longer has to be a last resort or a rare occasion and many companies are ditching office life for a more affordable working environment. Take the chance this year to change the way you work for the better.