How To Cancel, Track, Edit Orders On Etsy

One of our biggest worries when ordering online is if our package will arrive safely and on time. Reputable websites like eBay and Amazon are well-known to be trustworthy. They usually provide you with options to track and edit your order up to a point after the order was made. They also offer refunds if something goes wrong.

Etsy is a popular eCommerce website that sells personalised, handmade merchandise. Anyone can set up a store to sell their own creations. Despite Etsy being popular, it isn’t quite as well known as Amazon. This can lead to questions on how the work of their order compared to other eCommerce sites.

In this article, we will cover how orders on Etsy work.

How Long Do Orders Take to Deliver

Etsy is an international eCommerce store, with people able to set up their Etsy shops all over the globe. With a click of a button, you can select your region from the top bar (Where the flag is displayed) and this will make more shops in the same region appear.

The speed of the delivery depends on the store and its location. While Etsy has general policies for all stores to follow, stores can also set some of their own. Typically, if the product is something already made, and the store is within the same country, it shouldn’t take longer than a week or two at the most.

If you have ordered something personalised, expect to wait longer. The product would have to be created and then sent off.

The store page will give you expected delivery times before you place your order, so be sure to read carefully.

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How To Add Orders Notes On Etsy

There are a few ways to add notes to an order. Some stores have an option to add notes on the product page. These notes usual pertain to personalised orders.

There is also the option to add order notes after the product has been placed in your basket. Similar to websites like Amazon, you can put in order details to do with the delivery or if the product is a gift.

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Can You Edit An Etsy Order

Yes, depending on the store and when you request the edit. If you order some crafted goods, then as long as it hasn’t been dispatched, you should be able to edit the order. You can edit from your orders page, or you can directly message the seller.

If you have ordered something personalised and made a mistake, it’s important to contact the seller quickly. Personalised items can not be changed after they have been made in most cases. It is always worth contacting the seller as soon as possible if you wish to make changes to your order.

Etsy offers purchase protection if something were to go wrong. If a product is damaged, it does not match the description or is lost. In these cases, you can receive a full refund.

How To Cancel An Order

Each shop has its own policies on cancellations. They manage all their own orders and choose their own refund policy. If you find that you want to cancel an order you have made, then you should contact the seller as soon as possible.

From your ‘Purchases and reviews’ page, select the order you want, and then select ‘Help with Order’

You will then be given a list of options under ‘What Do You Want to Reach Out About?’. You can then fill out the message and send it to the seller.

It will be entirely up to the seller to accept a cancellation. If they can’t help, then you can open a case with Etsy.

How To Track An Order

As a standard, Etsy will provide some basic information:

  • Dispatch
  • Pre-transit
  • Transit
  • Delivered

Sellers are responsible for choosing the method of delivery. While most shops will give tracked delivery without any input, some shops won’t.

Each store page has delivery and return policies. Give these a read before making a purchase so you know what to expect. Many sellers give you a tracking code once a product has been made and dispatched. You will be updated once it has been sent off and given a tracking code.

They may not provide tracking for whatever reason. If you are worried that they won’t provide one, they you could always message them and request one.

Etsy is a store that lets sellers set their own policies for their stores. Most stores follow a good standard of service. Etsy is unique in that you will be directly contacting the seller instead of Etsy. Most shops will take pride and great care with orders. However, if you ever have any worries, contact the seller, and explain your problem.

Orders are similar in many ways to Amazon, but Etsy likes to focus on a more personalised feel to give you a more comfortable experience.