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How To File Amended Accounts At Companies House

If you have filed your company tax return and subsequently realised that it contains an error, it is very natural to hear alarm bells. However, there is no need to panic. Mistakes happen, but there is time to rectify them – and this guide on how to file amended accounts at Companies House will teach you how.

How Long Do I Have To File My Amended Company Tax Accounts?

With over 5.5 million registered businesses in the UK. Companies House understands that some will submit documents that are either incorrect or incomplete. Companies are subsequently given a 12-month window to submit their amended tax returns, which starts from the date of the original submission.

Given that companies should file their accounts nine months after the accounting period has ended, this means you have 21 months from the end of your financial year to submit the correct accounts, although you should try to prepare and file the amended accounts as soon as the mistake has been highlighted.

Filing Amended Accounts At Companies House Online

The easiest method for sending updated company tax returns is to send an amendment digitally from your company tax return software. The best platforms allow you to do this with relative ease.

Before filing the accounts, you’ll need to have the updated balance sheet prepared along with the supporting documents. However, you should already have this as it’s likely to be the item that alerted you to the inaccuracy in the first place.

While the exact method of updating the tax return with the new balance sheet will vary depending on the chosen software package, the fundamental steps are as follows;

  • Open the accounting software and log in to your account.
  • Create a new Companies House submission and IXBRL Accounts template.
  • Upload the amended balance sheet information.
  • Confirm that the amended accounts are for the exact same dates as the originals.
  • Add your digital signature (this should be from a company director).
  • Click submit.

The process of replacing the original documents with amended company tax returns is truly that simple. However, you can only use this option if the original return was made through the software. If it wasn’t, it is possible to use HMRC’s online filing service, although it may be slightly lengthier.

Reasons For Filing Amended Accounts

Ultimately, company tax returns need to be amended if a mistake was made in the file itself or any of the supporting documents. Alternatively, it may be due to a change of company circumstances.

Whatever the source of error might be, the reasons for sending an amended file include;

  • Ensure that you have paid enough tax,
  • Or gain a tax rebate if you have overpaid due to the mistake,
  • Confirm that accounts are accurate and avoid fines or penalties,
  • Prevent inaccuracies impacting the next year’s tax return,
  • Put your mind at ease.

Filing Amended Accounts At Companies House On Paper

If you did not file your accounts using a software solution that allows you to make amendments, Companies House will accept updates via paper submissions.

When taking this path, you must write “amended” on the front of the new paperwork so that Companies House will know that this is the relevant version of your accounts. You must also confirm that the amended accounts were prepared in the same method as the originals. It is also necessary to state your intentions to replace the original accounts with these statutory accounts.

If you have only amended a section of the accounts, you should clearly state this with a signed note from a company director. It should be noted, however, that the original tax return will be kept on file.

Confirming That Your Amended Accounts Have Been Accepted By Companies House

Whether you submit your amended company tax return via digital or traditional methods, Companies House will have to review them manually for compliance. It can take several days (or longer in peak times) for this to happen.

If you have completed the amendment digitally, you should be able to check the status from inside your tax return software. Once finalised, you will be able to download the artefacts. For paper submissions, you should see a notification from your government gateway dashboard. Companies House displays submissions to the Company Register in order of the date they were received, so this will provide clarity too.

Or you could contact Companies House for confirmation and advice on the next steps regarding payments or rebates.

Finally, learn from this situation and avoid repeat situations in future years.