How to Leave a Review on Etsy

Leaving reviews on products helps others to know what they are getting, as well as helps the seller to achieve a better rating and legitimise their shop. Websites like Amazon and eBay rely on customer feedback to help future customers know what they are getting, and Etsy is no different.

Do Reviews on Etsy Help

The short answer is yes. Etsy is an eCommerce website that lets individuals set up their own store. As such, reviews and feedback are invaluable to their success. Some stores focus on items that the shop owner will create themselves. For these kinds of stores, it is very important for the consumer to understand what they are getting.

Reviews provide some of the following benefits:

  • Increase the star rating for the Seller and their store
  • Let the Seller know if there is an issue, as well as provide them with vital feedback.
  • If the service is good, a positive review is deserved.
  • Let’s other buyers know what sort of service to expect.

Stores and product pages can have any number of images of the product put there by the shop owner. But feedback via reviews lets customers talk about the service as well as upload images of the products they have received. This can give other customers a better idea of what they will receive.

You can also leave a star rating, which further helps other customers make a decision on if they should make a purchase or not. Star ratings are vital for the success of stores as it is often the first thing customers will see.

Can I Edit a Review on Etsy

In order to leave a review for a product, you have to have purchased and received it beforehand.

By going to your purchases and reviews page, you can see your past orders and edits. From here you can edit a review you have previously made. As long as the purchase has been made from your account, there should be no issue with leaving and editing a review.

Here is a step-by-step process:

  • Go to ‘Purchase and Reviews’ from your accounts tab.
  • Find the order that you made where you want to leave/edit a review.
  • From the order page, find the review you left and click on edit.

Etsy has a 100-day review window. This means that you can only leave a review or edit an existing review for a product you have bought within 100 days. If a review is from before this time window, then you will not be able to edit it.

Additionally, if the shop owner has responded to your review, then you cannot edit. You can however connect Etsy about removing the review.

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Can You Leave a Review on Etsy as a Guest

No, you have to have an account on Etsy and have made a verified purchase in order to leave a review.

You can order a product as a guest, but if you wish to leave a review, then you will have to set up an account. Fortunately, it is a quick and easy process to set up an account. You simply have to fill out the registration form and provide a valid email address. Once you have set up an account, you can add orders that you made as a guest to your new account via the transaction email.

Can a Buyer Delete a Review on Etsy

As long as there isn’t an open case with your review, and it is within the 100-day period, you can edit or even delete your review. You can do this via your purchases and reviews tab.

If the seller has left a response to your review, then you cannot delete it.

On the other hand, the seller isn’t able to delete your review unless it violates Etsy’s policies.

Can You Reply to Reviews on Etsy

As a customer, you cannot respond to the response to your review left by the seller.

As the seller, you are able to respond to any review left on your shop or product page. However, after leaving a response, then the customer is no longer able to edit or delete their review.

How to Add a Photo to a Etsy Review

If you want to leave a photo along with your review, then you may need to use the Etsy app. After going to your purchases and reviews page, select the review you wish to change. You should be given a list of options including adding a description, leaving a star review and adding photos.

Leaving reviews on Etsy isn’t only important for the seller, it also helps other customers know more about the product and what they are getting.