How to turn your bedroom into an office

Are you still striving to find the ideal working from home setup? Whether you’re renting a room in shared accommodation or you’re short on space as a homeowner, you might not have the luxury of a separate office.

Office for National Statistics data shows younger people in particular find more distractions at home than in the office – likely due to space limitations. But with a little planning and investment, there are ways to make your bedroom office more multifunctional.

That doesn’t mean working from bed either – and there’s more to it than shoving a desk in the corner! Read my quick tips on creating a productive and comfortable bedroom office below.

Position your desk just right

In an ideal world, you’ll be able to position your desk so that you’re looking out of a window to get natural light and feel fresh air in summer. But even if it means facing a wall, angling yourself outwards will keep visual distractions like a comfy bed, messy clothes and your TV out of sight.

Remember to think about your video call background if you can. Artwork and houseplants make an ideal backdrop!

Invest in office essentials

Office furniture isn’t something you should skimp on where possible. Having a comfy chair and a desk at an appropriate height will benefit your long-term health and help you avoid repetitive straining injuries.

You might be able to get your employer to pay for some of this equipment, or at least subsidise it, if you make them aware of your situation. Other office essentials include a desk lamp, laptop stand, water bottle and stationery.

bedroom office

Upgrade your storage

Turning your bedroom into an office naturally brings increased storage demands. But a cluttered environment isn’t conducive to working or sleeping, so it’s worth upgrading your options to match.

Desk organisers are useful for stationery and paperwork, while shelving can make more of your vertical space. Cable tidies will also keep your tech looking neater. But if you really want to take things up a level, fitted solutions like overbed wardrobes will maximise every inch of your room.

Maintain a sense of separation

Separating your work and home life gets trickier when working from your bedroom. Investing in office equipment and furniture is one way to do that – rather than repurposing your bedside table for example – but much of it comes down to your habits and mindset.

The NHS recommends to stick to your regular work hours and stop checking emails at the end of the day. That means avoiding taking your work laptop elsewhere and even tidying it away somewhere out of sight if possible.

Could you use any of these tips to upgrade your bedroom home working setup?