Investing in Bitcoin for your current and future gains

If your investment portfolio does not yet have cryptocurrencies, take a close look at this type of asset.

If your investment portfolio does not yet have cryptocurrencies, take a close look at this type of asset. The numerous signs indicate that it has already passed the way from being a marginal hobby to strong and respected payment means:

  • Large companies are investing in crypto.
  • Many countries already recognize this type of asset as a means of payment.
  • Even sandboxes are being created to promote digital innovations.
  • Trading online with crypto becomes a vastly popular practice.

Why is long-term investing in bitcoin profitable?

Traders are investing in Bitcoin for numerous reasons:

  • Some of them are confident in extraordinary perspectives of the future of cryptocurrencies. They expect high profitability from this sort of financial asset. They choose Bitcoin as the most widespread and demanded kind of crypto that has already proved its sustainability.
  • Others are protecting themselves from major financial crises with the help of crypto. The correlation between the prices of Bitcoin and the stock market is very low. That is why the stock market crash or big correction on the traditional financial market will not influence Bitcoin. It will be resilient during such times and even gain in its value. Invest in Bitcoin to protect your funds.


Is buying crypto worth the risk?

Bitcoin is present in the investment portfolios of many hedge funds. It has a successful past and undoubted prospects. Experienced traders know how to neutralize its volatility. However, if you are just starting your cryptocurrencies trading practices, do not increase the proportion of bitcoin in your investment portfolio too much.

Buy an amount of crypto that you can lose without undermining your financial situation. Experts advise starting with 5% of your investment portfolio. When you feel more confident in bitcoin trading and master various useful trading tools, this share can be increased.

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Why do you need an online broker to invest in bitcoin?

To start your investing in crypto and trading with it, you need to choose a reliable and proven platform. It may be an online broker or specialized cryptocurrency exchange. An online broker has numerous advantages:

  • lower trading fees
  • vast variety of cryptocurrencies to invest in
  • the reliable security policy
  • profitable conditions for storing your crypto
  • easy withdrawal options
  • analytical tools and trading bots
  • possibility to learn more advanced practices of trading
  • personal broker on whose assistance you can count on

Reasons to choose RoboMarkets for your investment practices

RoboMarkets European Broker offers the best conditions for your investments in crypto:

  • advantageous starting sum for trading crypto is just $100
  • access to the chief platforms for trading MT4 and MT5 and the possibility to use RoboMarkets own platform R StocksTrader
  • high level of security for storing your cryptocurrencies
  • possibility to trade from any convenient device 24 hours per day
  • several types of accounts with low commissions

Investing in Bitcoin, you are moving towards the use of highly technological financial practices that are already employed in advanced societies. Digital innovations are actively introduced into the financial markets. Starting your long-term investments now, you guarantee significant gains when cryptocurrencies will become a common reality for everybody.

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