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Is it time to redesign your store?

Now is a time when many people across the world are taking a moment to re-evaluate, try something new, and consider what steps to take into the future.

As people start to go back to the shops, the future of your retail business may seem uncertain. You might have been wanting a redesign for years, or maybe it is a more recent desire, but either way you will be considering whether now is the best time to take the plunge and make it happen. There are some pros and cons to your decision, laid out below to help you decide on your next steps.



The major drawback to a new store design right now is uncertainty. The retail economy is set to face some hard times, and this may seem like a low priority, and an unnecessary expense. However, you need to remember to balance this investment against the potential gains of having a beautifully designed store – in an increasingly competitive world, you want to be the place that stands out and makes people want to enter your shop.

Time and effort

As a retailer wanting to get back to business as quickly as possible, you might be worried that a redesign will drag on, consuming valuable resources and preventing your store from reopening as quickly as it otherwise might. We’ve all heard the horror stories of refurbishments that encounter difficulties and end up as huge undertakings, taking weeks if not months out of your normal operating schedule. Of course, if you have recently moved into online orders as a result of recent events, this may help cover any time that your shop is closed for physical custom.


It might be easier than you think

Redesigning does not have to be a massive undertaking. You can completely change the look of an interior by moving displays and thinking about colour schemes and decorations. If you do need to make some small structural changes, companies like Kiasu Workforce can provide affordable teams to complete any refurbishment or building work, and they are available on very short notice. 

Conforming to guidelines

If you redesign your store now, you are at an advantage as you can make sure your redesign conforms to new social distancing guidelines whilst looking beautiful and welcoming. Whereas other stores may have to shoehorn in the measures with floor stickers and unintuitive instructions, your redesign has the opportunity to incorporate these measures by creating spaces and pathways through your store that will work beautifully as well as looking great. This will help customers feel safe and welcomed into your store.

A whole new world

As people return to the shops, you have the opportunity to start afresh and enter this new world with a bang. Nobody wants to return to the same tired old environments, and with a lick of paint and some skilful rearranging, you can breath fresh air into your store. This will help you and your customers feel excited about returning and could open new doors you have not even considered.