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Is your store ready for winter?

Winter is on the horizon, and with winter time comes Christmas and demands for your business rising. It’s likely that just before the festive period you will notice a drop in custom due to people saving their money to spend on gifts for their loved ones.

This can greatly affect a business, but did you know that you could be making adaptations to your company so that it’s ready for everything that winter has to throw at it? If you’re new to the business world, there’s a chance that preparing your business for winter hasn’t even crossed your mind, so take a look at these tips on how to get your store ready for winter!

Extend your opening times

Christmas is the perfect time to give your business more chances to sell your products or services, and especially at this time of year, people are going to be more willing to dip their hands in their pockets. Extending your opening times for the Christmas period not only gives you a chance to make more profits for your business, but it also gives people who work late a chance to do a spot of late night shopping.

Hire Christmas temps

With a higher demand in hours it’s likely that you may struggle with staffing issues. The problem that you face here is if you were to hire more members of staff, you wouldn’t need them once the festive season is over. However, you could hire temporary staff instead just for the Christmas period for the extra helping hands. Typically, Christmas temps begin work around October and continue until the beginning of January. If you’re struggling to cover hours, temps are definitely a viable option!

Vamp up the heating

With winter comes colder weather, and we’re sure you’re already aware that the temperature outside has already began to drop. To prevent illnesses it’s important to ensure that your business premises are at the right temperature for your staff and customers. However, heating large areas can prove a difficult task. Consider using biomass RHI’s as an effective heating solution that won’t end up costing you the earth!

Create winter based promotions

Finally, winter is the perfect time to create sales and promotions for your products or services as people simply can’t resist a money-off deal. Create winter-based promotions using social media to grab the attention of more people. Giving people a promotion code that they can use online or in store will certainly help increase your sales.

Having irresistible deals in store that are displayed for all to see is also sure to bring the crowds in too!