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Essential skincare tips to help you through winter

skincareCan you already feel your skin reacting to the change of seasons? With harsh weather, central heating and now regular mask wearing to contend with, the idea of winter 2020 alone could be enough to cause a breakout.

In truth, maintaining your personal wellbeing as a whole may never have been so important. Connecting with loved ones, exercising and managing your money can all help to reduce stress in these uncertain times – and lessen its impact on your skin as a result with these skincare tips.

So how else can you keep your skin looking and feeling healthy this winter?

Drink plenty of water

Warm weather will naturally make you reach for a drink to cool down – but it can be easy to forget about hydration when it’s cold outside. Still, chilly temperatures and harsh winds can strip the moisture from your skin – so it’s even more important to keep topping up on liquids throughout the day.

Try warming winter teas with lemon and ginger if you want to feel cosy at the same time.


Similarly, exfoliating might not seem as appealing when it’s cold and your skin is already dry and irritated. But removing dead skin cells helps to regenerate new ones, so it’s a good idea to get scrubbing once in a while.

Try natural products or have a go at making your own to avoid harsh chemicals.

Dress for the weather

Low humidity combined with icy winds can lead to uncomfortable dry skin, so it’s important to wrap up warm when heading out when thinking about skincare. A scarf and gloves will protect two especially vulnerable areas. Investing in good quality cold-weather gear like coats and boots can rack up a big bill, so have a check on your finances before splashing out.

Wearing natural base layers will soften the scratchiness of any rough winter fabrics too.

Avoid long hot showers

It might be tempting to turn the temperature up and stay in the shower longer on cold winter mornings – but you could damage your skin in the process. If you come out looking bright red, you’re likely to be dehydrated and stripped of natural oils.

Lukewarm water can be just as effective at removing germs and less irritating to your skin in the process. Use a natural moisturiser afterwards all the same.

Apply sun cream

Cancer Research UK reports that almost 9 in 10 cases of melanoma could be avoided by enjoying the sun safely. It’s understandable to think you only need to apply sun cream when it’s hot outside – but harmful UV rays can still hurt your skin on crisp winter days.

You’re unlikely to have as much of it exposed as you would on the beach though, so applying it will be quicker and easier.

Will you be using these skincare tips this winter?