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Jacques Vert Group re-platforms brands with Demandware

Jacques Vert Group is using Demandware to streamline the digital shopping journey for its collection of Elegant British Brands to enable a consistent, branded consumer shopping experience.

Jacques Vert Group’s collection of Elegant British Brands include Jacques Vert, Kaliko, Planet, Precis Petite, Windsmoor, Eastex and Dash. Using the Demandware platform, Jacques Vert Groups has centralised its retail operations onto one platform, allowing registered customers to shop online across the different brands through one virtual basket.

The introduction of a single checkout service is part of the retailers’ commitment to improving the customer experience and boosting awareness of other brands within the Jacques Vert Group. It will also improve support for cross-brand marketing campaigns, whilst enabling the fashion house to maintain complete control of each website so that the company can concentrate on building customer advocacy in different categories.

Mark Aldridge, group marketing director at Jacques Vert Group commented: “Our focus continues to be on achieving growth and finding new ways to improve the customer experience. By offering consumers one common basket across all our sites, which is optimised for tablet and smartphones, we have created a better user journey that engages customers at that crucial point of sale and bolsters conversion rates.”

Andrew Gilboy, vice president, EMEA at Demandware, said: “We’re delighted to be working with the UK’s largest women’s wear concession retailer and helping the fashion house evolve its commerce operations. With Demandware, Jacques Vert Group is streamlining and enhancing the customer digital shopping experience across all of its brands.”

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