Atosho launches innovative shopping service with Bauer Media

Atosho, the distributed eCommerce pioneer, strengthens its UK business through the launch of its innovative shopping service with Bauer Media.

Atosho has announced a new partnership with Bauer Media, the multi-platform media and entertainment company. Bauer Media’s Mother & Baby site is the first in the Group’s UK portfolio to implement Atosho’s distributed eCommerce service. Atosho’s eCommerce platform is the only offering available in Europe that seamlessly integrates with publishers’ content, to provide an online shopping service that does not require the reader to leave the site. By serving the needs of publishers, consumers, and retailers, Atosho creates a new eco-system for publisher-based online retailing.

One of the biggest issues facing publishers is the best way to monetise content and to keep readers on their site. Atosho offers the first easy to implement a solution to those questions. A solution that enables users to buy the product they are reading about on any website right out of the article they are reading. This means publishers don’t lose their audience to another site as they do in other e-commerce models. As a result, publishers tap into e-commerce revenue without cannibalising their existing advertising revenue streams and access valuable consumer purchase data and insights they typically do not see.

With Atosho’s service consumers are able to click on an image, an article or a product review and purchase that product immediately, on any device. They can buy from multiple retailers, as they would in a marketplace, with a single basket and checkout. It is a seamless user experience that avoids the multiple clicks and redirects that often lead to users abandoning the purchase altogether. Being able to shop directly from content addresses the immediacy consumers expect from the Internet in their often time poor, online lives.

Atosho offers real benefits for retailers too. They gain access to a wider spread of potential customers within the most highly sought after premium editorial content and only pay a commission on products sold. Effectively, retailers can now reach their target customers on any relevant content site and unlike other platforms, retailers know they are paying the publisher whose content created the demand for that product.

Commenting on the announcement, Elaine Safier, managing director of Atosho said: “We are proud to launch with Bauer Media, a publisher with a portfolio including some of the best consumer brands in the market, and a real commitment to innovation. Bauer Media is focused on using new technology to differentiate around content and commerce and we are looking forward to working with them to build a partnership that engages their users and monetises their content at the same time.

“We have made significant investment in our technology over the past three years to develop a service that meets needs of consumers, publishers and retailers. This will revolutionise the retail experience in many sectors – technology, fashion and beauty, sport, and entertainment to name but a few. The next couple of years are going to be very exciting as we grow our business with major premium publishers and branded retailers across the UK, Europe and beyond.”

Tracy Holcombe, eCommerce and new business development manager from Bauer Media added: “ We believe Atosho offers something truly unique in the market, and see tremendous potential to work with them to develop our eCommerce opportunities and support our core business.”

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