Lengow offers Russian e-commerce opportunities through Yandex.Market

Lengow, the feed management business, and Russian marketplace Yandex.Market have created a partnership to enable e-merchants to take advantage of the Russian e-commerce market. 

More and more merchants are looking for e-commerce opportunities outside of the UK. Lengow has created partnerships with distribution channels in Europe, Brazil and now Russia.

So, Russia’s main marketplace, Yandex.Market, has integrated into the Lengow solution. With more than 80 million Internet users, of which 30.6 million buy online and an e-commerce growth of 30%, Russia offers great opportunities for online retailers. Furthermore, the market is becoming more and more open to international e-commerce: cross border sales accounted for 50% of all online sales made last year in in the country.

Mickael Froger, Lengow’s CEO stated: “We are excited about this new integration which further confirms the international nature of the Lengow e-commerce platform. We are dedicated to facilitating cross border e-commerce for our clients in countries such as Russia, and we do not intend to stop here!”

Developed in 2000 by the Russian internet giant Yandex, the first Russian search engine, Yandex.Market lists over 68 million price offers from 16,300 e-merchants and attracts 22 million visitors monthly.

Bernard Lukey, executive director of Yandex Europe AG commented: “We believe that companies like Lengow play an important role in connecting eShops and platforms like ours and make it much easier for international players to take advantage of the booming Russian e-commerce market.”

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