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Markadis launches Mii-Promo

Markadis, Europe’s most progressive company in the card payments sector has launched Mii-Promo, a powerful transaction-based marketing tool for independent retailers and challenger brands that drives sales and encourages customer loyalty.

Uniquely, Mii-Promo uses customers’ existing debit and credit cards to register and operate, so there is no requirement for expensive loyalty card schemes that independent retail businesses can rarely afford and often are very ineffective. In addition, the suite of data marketing tools that is the very back bone of Mii-Promo can monitor buying trends and customer behaviour to highlight and capture opportunities for the individual retailers.

The Mii-Promo marketing tool-kit levels the playing field for independent retailers by providing a real connection between the retailer and the customer to enhance the shopping experience on an individual level. Designed to increase communication and understanding between the retailer and their customer base, it brings increased sales and a more open relationship without the need for investment in new point of sale technology or exhaustive back end data manipulation.

Adrian Cannon managing director of Markadis said: “For over 15 years now, independent retailers have been fighting impossible odds against the marketing power that big brands have at their disposal. Mii-Promo’s launch herald’s a new phase in the relationship between customers and retailers by putting marketing power to drive sales and loyalty back in the hands of independent retailers.”

“By using technology that was previously not available to independent retailers, Mii-Promo generates customer profiles based upon real activity and then helps the retailer reach out to this profile in a personal way. Markadis’ expertise can drive loyalty, retail spend and the frequency of visits and will revive the personal relationships that have been the hallmark of independent retailing.”

Working with Mii-Promo, marketing is targeted and personal, specific to the retailer and their customer, and Markadis technology uses big business data management techniques to give independent businesses the power of effective relationship marketing. The system itself is extremely simple to set up and use, with low start-up costs and packaged pricing to suit every budget and every customer receives direct support from an experience marketeer.

From a retailer perspective, the system makes point-of-sale technology work harder and more intelligently; from a customer perspective, individual offers based on real-life data can be marketed to accentuate the personal touch which is often simulated by larger retailers but is rarely genuine.

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