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O2 takes Santa social with Gift Hacker

O2 today announces a new and social way to buy the hottest electronic kit in time for Christmas – Gift Hacker.

The O2 Gift Hacker enables customers to pick a gift for either themselves or someone else, ask their friends and family to contribute towards it and have it under the tree in time for Christmas.

Kristian Lorenzon, head of social media for O2 in the UK said: “Buying the perfect Christmas gift can be tricky and not everyone can afford to buy the latest piece of smart tech or a must-have pair of headphones. Gift Hacker lets everyone contribute, no matter how big or small, toward making someone’s Christmas dreams come true this year.”

Gift Hacker, built on the Buyapowa platform, has a wide range of products available, from headphones and speakers to cameras and wearable smart tech.

Whichever gift is right for you, Gift Hacker makes it easy to ask people to contribute towards it. Once the customer has picked the gift, either for themselves or someone else, they can share a link to a personalised page with their friends and family that allows them to contribute towards it. Each person can give as much or as little as they like in set increments over the next week with no money taken until the gift is fully funded.

Gideon Lask, CEO, Buyapowa says: “Social gifting can work well for any industry and almost any product, but it makes a lot of sense for a brand like O2 that consistently strives to stay ahead on social, in a competitive market. For customers, it offers them the chance to choose the gift that they or their loved ones really want for Christmas and get everyone to contribute.”

Gift Hacker is available until 18 December and all gifts will be delivered before Christmas.

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